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  • The Trans Train

    The number of teenage girls who are seeking transgender care, has increased with thousands of percentages over the last couple of years. Many of them suffer from other diagnoses, such as Asbergers, ADHD, and self harm behavior. We could reveal that despite this being a new group in the trans gender health care clinics, they get the same treatments as previous patients in the trans gender care sector. Their bodies are transformed with hormones and transgender corrective surgery; sometimes it’s only a matter of weeks from the first visit at the clinic until the treatment commences.
  • Should we “Fix” Intersex Children?

    This story showed how a lack of oversight is allowing doctors to carry out risky cosmetic surgeries on young children with intersex conditions. Around one in 2,000 children are born with sex organs that are not entirely male or female. The story focused on one of these children, ‘M’ who was born with an intersex condition and whose penis was cut off as a toddler to make him look like a girl. He is now ten and identifies as a boy. As well as the risk of assigning a child the wrong gender, these surgeries have a gut-wrenching list of side-effects including painful scarring, reduced sexual sensitivity, torn genital tissue, removal of natural hormones and possible sterilization. This story found that doctors have been aware of these risks since the 1990s when many advocates, adults and some within the medical profession called on the surgeries to be heavily restricted, but that many doctors continue to perform these operations.
  • Colgate Total Ingredient Linked to Hormones, Cancer Spotlights FDA Process

    Kary exposed health risks posed by antibacterial chemical triclosan in Colgate Total toothpaste, in part by examining pages of Colgate-Palmolive's Food and Drug Administration application that were kept private after the toothpaste's 1997 approval. These previously undisclosed pages, summaries of scientific studies Colgate submitted as part of its new-drug application, contained indications of a potential health danger in one of America's top-selling toothpastes, according to scientists who reviewed them for Bloomberg News. Kary's article raises important questions, including whether the FDA did appropriate due diligence in approving Total 17 years ago, and whether its approval should stand in light of new research. By combining tough and fair investigative reporting, clear science writing and an examination of America's regulatory system, Kary's piece gave readers a valuable new tool for decision-making on an important health and wellness front.
  • The BALCO steroid conspiracy case

    This article details the investigation of BALCO, a steroid mill, and found that professional athletes have been using steroids and other illegal substances. The article also describes the underground corruption of professional athletics, which includes trading money and many health risks.
  • Extreme Babymaking

    The FDA recently outlawed some of the procedures that fall under the umbrella of Assisted Reproductive Technology (ART). But, just because they're not legal in the United States does not mean that desperate American women won't go through a lot of effort to try these controversial procedures. This article talks about the extremes women go through to try and become pregnant, and how their present choices (traveling overseas and going to unsafe clinics) are worse than the options they used to have, when the procedures were allowed in the U.S.
  • BALCO Steroid Conspiracy Case

    These stories from the San Francisco Chronicle, investigate two men who were suspected of supplying elite athletes with steroids that could not be detected through drug testing. These two men worked with a nutritional supplement lab and supplied steroids and human growth hormones to NFL football players, major league baseball players and Olympic athletes.
  • Anti-Aging

    "Patients were routinely given hormones to look and feel younger even when tests showed no deficiencies... medical research shows taking too much of these hormones has serious side effects, including an increased cancer rate." This story show how the Preventive Medicine of the Pacific, and anti-aging clinic, is run by a person that is not a doctor, and neither has a medical license of any kind.
  • Prescription For Trouble

    Consumer Reports reports on the ease and potential dangers of ordering prescription drugs off the internet. The reporter was able to order growth hormones, weight loss medicine, osteoporosis medicine, antibiotics, anti-depressants and medicine to stop smoking online.
  • "The Estrogen Question"

    Dr. Susan Love, the celebrity doctor who wrote hugely successful books on breast care and hormones, is a skeptic about the most important topic in women's health today: whether older women should take estrogen. The medical establishment and the pharmaceutical industry, she says, have told women that they have a disease, menopause, and have given them a cure, estrogen, even though it's not clear that the disease is a disease and the cure is a cure. So why, after even the slightest scrutiny does so much of what Love has to say begin to fall apart?
  • Havoc in the Hormones

    Audubon Magazine reports that "Pollutants like dioxin and pesticides have upset the reproductive systems of alligators and gulls. Now, researchers theorize, the contaminants may be threatening humans."