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  • Failure to Aid

    Over the last year, I spent a lot of time researching and reporting on stories pertaining to the mental health treatment of people in prison. More specifically, I have successfully fought to gain access to public records in order to tell the story of Tony Lester. Tony was a young man who had been diagnosed with paranoid schizophrenia. He committed an assault and was sentenced to serve time at the Arizona State Prison in Tucson. Tragically, Tony committed suicide while in prison. Staff in the prison failed to render aid when they discovered him in his cell bleeding. My investigation not only revealed that he was improperly placed in with the general population against a judge's order and a court-ordered psychiatrist order...but he was also mistakenly given razors as part of a hygiene kit.
  • State of Decay: West Virginia's Oral Health Crisis

    West Virgina has the highest percentage of "older adults who have had all their natural teeth removed. The state's Medicaid program will pay for pulling teeth, but not saving them." Also "dentists were billing the state more for pulling low-income children's teeth than for cleaning them."
  • Fighting for Care

    ABC News Prime Time Thursday continued their investigation of veterans' hospitals, which began in 1990. Among the many findings were: a surprising number of doctors still in training were left in charge of operating rooms and diagnostic situations while the doctors who were supposed to supervise them were not around; a disturbingly large number of mistakes and often fatal misdiagnoses; sloppy hygiene and unsanitary conditions; and retaliation against whistleblowers while incompetent administrators were promoted despite gross mismanagement.
  • From the mouths of babes comes ... Medicaid money

    This investigation examines how five Colorado dental clinics, which billed Medicaid for more than $16 million in 14 months, perform extensive dental work on children. The stories also reveal how children were restrained during treatment while their parents were required to sit in waiting rooms. Though one dentist defended the work, saying poor children tend to have poorer dental hygiene habits, two state agencies are looking into how the clinics do business.
  • Dental Woes

    Tipped off by a series of complaints against Family Dental Care Associates, WCPO TV investigate further to bring out some starking revelations. The investigation reveals, apart from fraudulent billing practices, the low standards of cleanliness and hygiene maintained by FDCA. Parts of the investigation also focused on a state investigation by the Attorney General's office and relationships between the dental board's investigator and FDCA's cheif dentist, Dr. J Michael Fuchs.
  • Filthy Schools

    This report talks about the health inspections conducted in local public schools. As the report reveals, at least 50% of the schools had violated the stipulated hygiene conditions and which could cause a serious health hazard.
  • Modern Meat

    Frontline investigates health hazards posed by the nation's meat industry. The story points to evidence that the "widespread use of antibiotics to promote growth and keep livestock healthy may result in the development of bacterial strains that are resistant to antibiotic treatment." The investigation started with examining a lawsuit that a Texas meat-grinding company, Supreme Beef -- after failing federal salmonella standard tests three times -- filed against the U.S. Department of Agriculture.
  • Dirty Donuts

    KWCH-TV sheds light on the "sickening conditions" at the production facility of "Country Donut," one of biggest donut and pastry suppliers in the Wichita area. The investigating team obtained a video from inside the facility and talked to former and current employees. As a result of the investigation, the local health department inspected the facility and found mouse droppings, urine and mold on or around the food. The facility was forced to close, and the local convenience stores cancelled their contracts with the company, KWCH reports.
  • Will the Black Death return

    Discover examines the chances for a new plague epidemic, pointing to isolated cases of the disease in recent decades. The article tells the history of the "black death's" dissemination and cites scientific studies on plague epidemics in Europe, China and India. The story reveals that Russian bioweapon scientists have developed an antibiotic-resistant plague, and warns against the risk of using plague or anthrax as formidable weapons in bioterrorism wars. Plague can never be eradicated, because it hides in animal reservoirs, finds Discover.
  • Filthy Flights

    A WJLA-TV investigation delves into bad hygiene problems on the airplanes. The two-part series reveals the results from an analysis of samples collected from tray tables, armrests, doorknobs, bathrooms, pillowcases and blankets on the planes of several airlines. What the analysis finds "could make you sick ... fecal coliforms ... or, human waste." The investigation shows how passengers can get a flu, but nothing changes.The key finding is that "the threat to passengers goes far beyond ... respiratory problems ....passengers can and have died" as a result of bad hygiene in airplanes. The story reports on a record detailing how a "Korean woman suffering from tuberculosis flew fro Honolulu to Chicago and then on to Baltimore" and how "twenty-nine passengers subsequently tested positive for tuberculosis."