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  • Bordering on Insecurity

    The Texas Tribune's yearlong project, Bordering on Insecurity, dissected the dynamics of illegal immigration and enforcement, laid waste to political myths, and offered readers an intellectually honest understanding of the criminal activities that threaten the nation's southern border.
  • Border Patrol

    We believe this is the most extensive investigation on the U.S. border conducted by a Sunday news program in 2016. We begin by revealing one of the biggest issues that’s gotten lost in the debate over illegal immigration: the disturbing increase in drug smuggling. In Border Control, we find evidence that our southern border is not under U.S. control. In Tunnel Vision, we expose some of the underground tunnels that cartels have used to smuggle drugs and people into the U.S. In Bordertown, USA, we provide an unusual profile of a U.S. border town so influenced by illegal smugglers and drugs, that the culture has worked its way into the fabric of daily life: Douglas, Arizona. In Crossing the Line, we take an eye opening look at the corruption inside U.S. Customs and Border Protection. And in Cuban Exodus, we exclusively reveal the “mind-boggling” number of Cubans surging across the Mexican border into the U.S.
  • Investigating the IRS

    As the national deficit soared, WTHR exposed fraud, confusion and government mismanagement that resulted in illegal immigrants getting billions of dollars in improper tax credits and refunds from the Internal Revenue Service. WTHR gained unparalleled access to tax records and immigrant communities to show exactly how the fraud was committed. The investigation revealed the IRS had known about the widespread problems for a decade but failed to act, and that IRS managers actively encouraged their tax examiners to ignore blatant signs of fraud. WTHR’s investigation quickly gained national attention, attracted more than 9 million online views, sparked intense debate and action by Congress, and triggered immediate reforms by the IRS. Following a series of in-depth follow-ups by WTHR and an Inspector General audit that confirmed all of WTHR’s findings, the IRS announced final rule changes in December designed to reduce the massive fraud and to save taxpayers billions of dollars.
  • Immigrants and the California Economy

    This in-depth review of immigrant labor in California shows that the government has broken its promise to keep illegal immigrants from obtaining work. The chances of an illegal immigrant being arrested are extremely low -- 1,300 to 1.
  • Amongst Us

    An in-depth look at the United States government's immigration policy shows the country is in dire need of immigration reform and that current policies are leading to widespread abuses of immigrants. The story also sheds light on the high cost of the policies.
  • Prison Profiting: Behind Arizona's Immigration Law

    NPR's report shows that private prison corporations helped to write Arizona 1070, its controversial immigration law. The story examines "the private prison companies' handin getting the law written and passed, beginning with a private meeting at the Hyatt in washington D.C and ending with extensive campaign contributions and political connections to lawmakers and the governor of Arizona."
  • Road to Nowhere:The men who are caught transporting illegal immigrants rarely pay the price

    A Colorado law passed to prohibit human smuggling has proven to be difficult to enforce. Most charges against human smugglers are dismissed or don't end up in court.
  • Deportation Nation

    The series found that Immigration and Customs Enforcement is deporting and freeing potentially dangerous immigrants before they can be held accountable in local courts. Those accused of serious crimes were able to return to their homelands and escape the U.S. justice system.
  • "FBI Data, Scholars: As Illegal Immigration Rose, Crime Rate Fell"

    According to "widely trusted" crime reporting data, reports that crime is rising along the southern border of the U.S. in incorrect. Reporter Cristina Rayas wanted to find out if there was a correlation between crime and immigration. She found that the crime rate is actually down in the U.S. and that immigrants might actually be making "communities safer."
  • "Immigrants and the California Economy"

    In this four-part series, Ron Campbell investigates the complicated topic of immigration in California. Campbell reveals that California relies on immigrant labor and "brains" more than "any other state." He also finds that California's economy is "closely tied" to immigrants and that education levels play a huge part in wages and quality of life for Californians.