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  • Objective Troy: A Terrorist, A President, and the Rise of the Drone

    Objective Troy tells the story of the life and death of Anwar al-Awlaki, the American imam who denounced 9/11 and called for bridge-building between Muslims and the United States, only to leave the U.S., grow steadily more militant and join Al Qaeda in Yemen. He became the most effective recruiter for Al Qaeda in English; actively plotted to kill Americans, including by coaching the underwear bomber who tried to blow up an airliner over Detroit in 2009; and finally became the first American citizen to be deliberately killed in a drone strike, on orders of President Obama in 2011. The book’s title comes from Awlaki’s code name on the government’s kill list: during a frantic 20-month manhunt that engaged all of the intelligence agencies, Awlaki was Objective Troy. Reported all over the United States and in Yemen, Objective Troy is the most detailed and best-documented account of the life of a central figure in the post-9/11 history of terrorism. Among the revelations in the book are: the first account of Awlaki’s embrace of fundamentalist Islam, while a freshman at Colorado State; the real reason that Awlaki left the United States, abandoning a promising career as a mainstream spokesman for American Muslims; an intelligence mistake in the hunt for Awlaki that led to the disastrous unintentional killing by drone of a popular Yemeni deputy governor; and Awlaki’s afterlife on the Internet, including more than 40,000 YouTube videos, now with the added authority of what his admirers see as martyrdom. The book gives the fullest account to date of President Obama’s embrace of the armed drone as a weapon against terrorism and how its performance has fallen short of the government’s claims.
  • WTAE: Where is Pittsburgh's Mayor?

    After Pittsburgh's mayor came under scrutiny during a federal criminal grand jury probe into his administration, WTAE-TV investigative reporter Bofta Yimam requested Mayor Luke Ravenstahl's work calendar for a one-year period. The federal investigation led to the mayor's hand-picked police chief to plead guilty to conspiracy and fraud. Through the official calendar, we hoped to learn more about the mayor’s comings and goings during the period federal investigators are examining. The city, however, denied our request. Our series of ongoing reports showed the difficulty in accessing a public official's calendar in Pennsylvania and highlighted the need for transparency. Through the state's Right to Know law, we filed an appeal and won a decision with the Pennsylvania Office of Open Records. Instead of turning over the records, however, the city Law Department filed a lawsuit against Yimam in the Court of Common Pleas. Now, taxpayers will pay for a court case to keep a calendar private, for a mayor who is under federal investigation and who chose not to run for re-election.
  • WTAE Investigates Elder Abuse

    Our series of reports examined the under-reported problem of elder abuse and helped prompt a new policy to track cases. With the help of a viewer who shared his video evidence, we first aired a cell phone clip that showed elder abuse inside a local diner and sparked a county Department of Human Services investigation. Our stories revealed the legal complexity in handling elder abuse cases and the importance of a uniform state-wide system. Our stories stressed the need for state and local agencies to close the loophole among police, the Department of Human Services and the courts.
  • "Fort Hood Fallout"

    A group of investigative reporters for The Dallas Morning News share exclusive, in-depth stories following the deadly attack at Fort Hood. They reveal that Nidal Malik Hasan had been sending money abroad and communicating with a radical imam who was encouraging "Muslims to wage jihad."
  • Hearts, Minds and Dollars: In an Unseen Front in the War on Terrorism, America is Spending Millions...To Change the Very Face of Islam

    This investigation revealed that the Bush Administration has approved a classified strategy to influence the future of Islam, and that conflicts within the Muslim faith are now considered a matter of "national security" to the United States. In at least two dozen countries, the U.S. government is funding Muslim imams, Islamic radio and TV shows, Muslim think tanks, political workshops and other programs that promote moderate Islam ideas.
  • The Bugging Bombshell

    Triggered by the news of the FBI secretly planting a listening device in Philadelphia Mayor John Street's office, the Daily News carries out a larger investigation into the story. This series reveals that the mayor is part of a federal investigation focusing on awarding contracts to political contributors - also called pay-to-play politics.
  • Pay to Play

    (From the questionnaire), the story takes "a look at the city's longstanding pay-to-play system, in which campaign contributers are rewarded with city contracts and special favors -- deals to give lucrative airport concessions to connected individuals; apparent no-work jobs awarded to special friends of the administration; contracts allegedly inflated to give a cut to campaign contributors; multi-million donations made in secret to a non-profit organization tied to the region's most powerful state senator, money given a major electric utility with a big policy agenda".
  • The Imam Investigation

    An investigation by WJW-TV in Cleveland reveals that Imam Fawaz Damra, a prominent Muslim in the area, helped Osama Bin Laden set up the Alkifah Refugee Center, bin Ladin's first base of operations in the United States.
  • Waste Management Recycling Scam

    Using a "creative and unconventional undercover strategy," reporters revealed how the nation's largest waste hauler, Waste Management Inc., was reaping billions of dollars for alleged premium recycling services, all while dumping the materials in an ordinary landfill.