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  • Trump & Ukraine: Fact and Fiction

    The President’s men, the Vice President’s son and a single phone call: the real story of what happened in Ukraine and why it led to impeachment hearings. As the rumors and accusations surrounding President Trump’s involvement in Ukraine started to swirl, NBC’s Chief Foreign Correspondent Richard Engel travelled to Ukraine to talk to the key players on the ground to tell the story of why the Ukrainian prosecutor investigating Joe Biden’s son was really fired. Engel and his team in Ukraine secured the first broadcast interview with the man central to the story – the Ukrainian former Prosecutor Yuri Leshenko. He revealed that President Trump’s personal lawyer Rudy Giuliani was applying pressure for an investigation to be reopened, in an apparent attempt to dig for dirt on a political rival. He told NBC exclusively that far from being a one-off conversation, the two had spoken “around ten times”. This information was picked up and widely reported by other media.
  • Whatever Happened to the Class of 1994?

    The New York Times magazine looks at what happened to "the right-wing firebrands who charged into Congress in 1994" and "launched the missile that impeached Bill Clinton." It concludes that more than a third of these politicians are out of office and the ones remaining are becoming Washington insiders.
  • The Fall of Insurance Commissioner Chuck Quackenbush

    The series "disclosed misconduct on the part of Chuck Quackenbush, California's second elected insurance commissioner." The reporter found out that he "made secret deals with major insurance companies that allowed them to escape fines for mishandling hundreds, perhaps thousands, of claims relating to the devastating 1994 Northridge earthquake." The stories reported that "Quackenbush had ignored recommendations form his legal staff that some of the big insurers in the state be fined hundreds of millions of dollars for mishandling Northridge claims. Instead, Quackenbush and his senior staff bullied insurers into "donating" more than $ 12 million to nonprofit foundations he created." The reporter found confidential documents to prove that the state regulator "used public funds and the power of his office to create a political slush fund, directed by highly paid consultants, to further his quest for higher public office." Quackenbush used some of the money to "repay his wife for personal loans she made to her failed state Senate campaign." After the misconduct had been revealed, the commissioner faced state's and federal probe of corruption and finally resigned. The reporter found out that in his "final days as insurance commissioner, Chuck Quackenbush approved contracts obligating California taxpayers to pay more than $ 1 million in legal fees to lawyers representing his commissioner and his top staff in investigations of wrongdoing."
  • Jane Doe #5

    NBC News Dateline reports "In an exclusive interview with Lisa Myers, Juanita Broaddrick, a retired Arkansas businesswoman, went public with her allegation that she had been raped 21 years earlier by Bill Clinton."
  • (Untitled)

    New Times (Phoenix, Ariz.) publishes 14 stories on the controversy started by the impeachment of Gov. Evan Mecham; Mecham's supporters rose to power in the state legislature after he was removed from office; the investigations showed how many Arizonians wilfully ignored the racial implications of not recognizing Dr. Martin Luther King's birthday; also uncovered plots of racial violence, April 26 - Dec. 20, 1989.