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  • Killings At The Canal: The Army Tapes

    War crime by American soldiers in Iraq is something that has never been seen before, until now. Four Iraqi detainees were killed and no one knew why, until the videotapes of the interrogations were found and everything was revealed. Also, the rules of the Army led the American soldiers to kill these detainees, as written in a memo.
  • The CIA and Interrogation

    "Not a formal series, these 12 stories explored the Bush administration's internal struggles over the extreme interrogation methods it embraced after 9/11 in the fact of widespread accusation that it had authorized torture."
  • Extraordinary Rendition

    "The film 'Extraordinary Rendition' explores the truth about CIA rendition and secret detention and sets out to explain not only the extent of US involvement in torture, but also why this program was carried out. It also reveals how rendition continues."
  • The War on Terror: Rorschach and Awe

    The story revealed, for the first time, two psychologists who were "the architects and teachers of the coercive interrogation methods first used at the CIA's black sites, which then spread to Guantanamo and Abu Ghraib.”
  • Inside the Secret World of CIA and the Intelligence Community

    A nine-month series that examines the actions and work of the CIA and other American intelligence agencies. From NSA monitoring domestic Internet traffic, to interrogation techniques, the series "provided the public with a rare inside look at how the Bush administration is conducting its war on terrorism."
  • Inside Gitmo

    "Speaking publicly for the first time, senior U.S. law enforcement investigators say they waged a long but futile battle inside the Pentagon to stop coercive and degrading treatment of detainees by intelligence interrogators at Guantanamo Bay, Cuba."
  • A Trustworthy Lie Detector?

    The Computer Voice Stress Analyzer (CVSA) is a lie detector "said to be able to determine truth or deception by tone of voice or stress level." The machine has "been sold to hundreds of police departments and the U.S. military," with these organizations using it to put people in jail and interrogate terror suspects even though "not a single scientific study has been done to show the CSVA actually works." The Pentagon has now banned use of the machine. An ABC News investigation discovered that while the machine is sold for $10,000 apiece with claims of 98 percent accuracy, some of its convictions have been overturned. In addition, CSVA creator and National Institute for Truth Verification CEO Dr. Charles Humble is "not a medical doctor and does not have a PHD from an accredited university. Instead, he was awarded a Dr. of Psychology after taking a few hours of bible studies at a bible college which was located in an Indiana strip mall."
  • America's Interrogation of Terrorists

    TIME Magazine's investigation into American interrogation techniques used when questioning Abu Ghraib prisoners reveals massive coverups and mistreatment of terrorist suspects. This series also sheds light on the death of a CIA prisoner whose body was kept on ice for 24 hours to disguise his true cause of death.
  • Prime Suspect

    This investigation tracks Marty Tankleff, convicted at age 17 of killing his parents, as he battles the court system for another shot at winning his freedom. The investigation raises issues about the legality of an aggressive police interrogation that ended in Tankleff's confession, which he immediately recanted.
  • Reporting series on Abu Ghraib

    This investigative series on the Abu Ghraib prison scandal reveals that the Bush administration knew about the interrogation methods being used. Breaking all rules of the Geneva Convention, the Bush administration had declared as soon as the war on Iraq started that the conventions were not going to be adhered to. Backed by a paper trail of documents from the White House, these journalists revealed that the military personnel higher in the ranks, and not just the MP's were involved.