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  • Left for Dead and the interactive database, The Lost & The Found

    Left for Dead is the first national examination of Jane and John Does and the failures of sheriffs and coroners to identify unclaimed and unnamed bodies – a problem the Department of Justice has called “the nation’s silent mass disaster.” G.W. Schulz’s exhaustive reporting exposed the challenges of identifying them. Those challenges, he found, range from neglect, indifference and a lack of will by local authorities, to three unsuccessful attempts in the U.S. Congress to require police and death investigators to use an existing national registry of missing people. Following his reporting, the bill was reintroduced this year. Reveal obtained federal data that tracks unidentified bodies, which informed our reporting. We also built an online tool for matching missing people with unidentified bodies.
  • Death and Destruction

    A collection of statistics-based stories including: state and local coroners offices that disposed of unidentified cadavers without informing authorities, the early death of professional athletes due to dramatically increased weight, the natural disaster declarations by presidents seeking re-election, and the elimination of helmet-use among motorcyclists.
  • Death Without A Ripple

    The Los Angeles Times Magazine reports on just one of L.A. County's Jane or John Does that the medical examiners office tries to match with an identity each year. Jane Doe #59 was found in a gully, strangled to death and afterwards burned. No one ever called to claim her and she was never matched to any missing persons reports. Eventually she was cremated and placed into a grave simply marked "1996" in the county cemetery.
  • The Oklahoma City Bombing: Who Bombed the Murrah Federal Building

    The Denver Post investigates the Oklahoma City bombing and finds that the plot involved the assistance of at least one person who has not been charged in the case. The story looks at several details the FBI ignored in their investigation of the case.
  • John Doe

    WIBW-TV (Topeka) is instrumental in tracing the multiple identities of a man with amnesia; after the station aired a story about the man, viewers from three states identified him as someone different, and it turns out that at various times in his life he fit each of the descriptions.