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  • China in Africa: How Sam Pa became The Middleman

    FT correspondent Tom Burgis in 2014 examined the case of one deal-maker - a mysterious man from Hong Kong known as Sam Pa - to explain and explore the ambitions behind the China-Africa connection. The trail of reporting began in 2009 as Mr. Burgis, then the FT's West Africa correspondent, revealed the details of a deal between an obscure Chinese company named China International Fund and the murderous junta that had seized power in the long-suffering nation of Guinea.
  • Spin the Bottle

    Fiji Water, once an untouchable brand, is exposed as a company violating environmental and humanitarian principles that consumers once believed it held dear. Reporter Anna Lenzer traveled in dangerous territory to bring to light the real face of Fiji Water as the Fiji Junta demonstrated a vested interest in the company's reputation.
  • People of the Opiate: Burma's Dictatorship

    The article exposes the workings of Burma's new narco-dictatorship, which has incorporated the booming drug trade into the permanent economy of the country. The relationship between some of the world's biggest kingpins and the Burmese dictatorship - and the use of the drug trade by the rulers to stay in power - is documented. The article brings to light the terrible implications of the junta's marriage to the drug trade for the Burmese people, the American public and the world at large. (Dec. 16, 1996)