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  • Blurring the lines

    Education Weeks looks at Hillsborough County, Florida, which has "forged one of the nation's coziest school-police partnerships in a place where once turf-conscious agencies now stay in close touch."
  • The Wrong Stuff

    The Washingtonian reports on the problem of people with criminal histories getting recruited into the military. Part of the problem lies on the recruiting side, with quotas and no incentives for turning bad apples away. Part lies on the fact that if a potential recruit lies and denies having any criminal record, a thorough background check will not be done. Part lies in the sealing of juvenile records. These problems work themselves out as disciplinary problems in the military -- sexual assaults, drug abuse, violence, theft.
  • (Untitled)

    Bridgeport Post invetigates inadequacies in Conneticut's juvenile justice system; the series also assesses the confidentiality of juvenile records, June 4 - 8, 1989.