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  • Disabled Boy Affected by a 20 Year Old Mistake in Texas Law

    The initial story covered how a 4 year old hearing impaired, yet bright child, had been demoted from kindergarten to Pre-K 4 under the premise that he was too young to enter kindergarten in the State of Texas. This was done by the Corpus Christi Independent School District even though district officials placed the boy in Pre-K 4 as a three year old because he was so smart. His parents told us that they believed the district demoted him because his kindergarten teacher had trouble keeping up with his hearing aid system (I.E. changing the batteries when needed). The District said it was simply because he was too young. One of those requirements struck the Texas Education Agency by surprise. A requirement that said a child had to pass a 3rd grade level test to enter kindergarten early. In short, a law that the entire state has followed for 20 years is simply a drafting error.
  • The kindergarten investigation

    The Norwegian daily VG used FOI to get access to all kindergarten inspection reports for 2011, 2012 and 2013. We received around 4500 reports in different formats, 31.000 pages. We found a way to digitalize, read and analyse the reports, and then we made reporting.
  • Pre-K Scandal

    This investigation exposed abuse of a taxpayer-funded pre-kindergarten for poor and limited English proficiency children. The principal of one of the pre-kindergartens enrolled her own daughter in the program even though she made too much money to qualify as did thirty-four school district employees who also enrolled their children in it. Many of the schools had waiting lists with needy kids who were denied access because unqualified children were enrolled.
  • Kicked out of kindergarten: the discipline dilemma

    Mrozowski and Byczkowski check into suspensions of kindergartners throughout Ohio, based on school district. Behavior problems in schools have gotten so bad that even kindergartners are getting kicked out. The article focuses on whether or not the region is becoming overly strict when it comes to discipline.
  • Make or Break

    Education Week reports on the difficulties that children face in their transitions from one educational level to another, or from one school to another. The story reveals that these are often "the points where children stumble." It also gives some pedagogical advice on preparation steps that could help students overcome the transition schock. The reporter quotes scholars who find that the best predictor of success in high school is achievement in 8th grade. Another important transition is considered the one from kindergarten to 1st grade.
  • (Untitled)

    Even after a jury found kindergarten teacher Neil Shumante guilty on every one of 16 felony counts of child molestation brought against him, many teachers and parents maintain his innocence. Education Week examines the case, the accusations, future actions. (March 6, 1996)