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  • Not Enough Money or Time to Defend Detroit's Poor

    According to the 6th Amendment everyone is reserved the right to have adequate representation in court. Though, in Detroit, a national public defender crisis has broken out due to overworked and underpaid defenders. This is a problem throughout the national, but has reached crisis levels in Michigan. "More than 90 percent of criminal defenders in Wayne County cannot afford their own lawyers", so to make up for this public defenders are used for representation instead.
  • Justice Capsized?

    "An investigation of the U.S. Coast Guard's administrative law system, based on internal memos, interviews, the sworn statement of an agency judge and a computer data analysis of thousands of cases, suggests the system in stacked against the hundreds of civilian mariners whose charges of negligence or misconduct are handled by the courts each year. Documents and computer records show that Coast Guards leaders encourage judges to rule in the agency's favor, sometimes in violation of federal laws."
  • Austria: Justice Delayed

    This story looks at how art work stolen from Jews during the Holocaust are still hanging in Austrian museums. The museums working certain loopholes in the Austrian law system are not being forced to return these works to their rightful owners.
  • "Military's Law system has abuses"

    Dallas Morning News investigates the U.S. military justice system and finds a system that would not meet the civilian standards of justice and rights of the accused; a disproportionate number of convicted servicemen are minorities; finds that commanders intimidate witnesses and stack court-martial panels, November - December 1991.