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  • Ambushed at Home

    A Reuters investigation revealed a toxic scourge on some of America’s largest military installations, where failure to maintain privatized housing exposed children to lead, a toxin that can stunt brain development and cause lifelong impairment.
  • Testing the Waters

    "Testing the Waters" is a two-part investigation into concerns of lead contamination in local drinking water on the Alabama Gulf Coast. After an extensive analysis of public records, FOX10 News Investigates found eight water systems across Mobile and Baldwin counties have had testing results above the legal limit for lead content in the last three years. Further, FOX10 News found local public schools were not previously testing for lead content, so we requested to test for them. As a result of our investigation, both Mobile and Baldwin County Public Schools started testing some of its older schools that could be at risk. Moreover, during the course of our investigation, the Alabama State Department of Education (ALSDE) has announced it will help test all public schools over the next three years.
  • Assignment Peru: Poison in La Oroya

    American mining company Doe Run bought a metalurgical plant in La Oroya, Peru, promising to clean it up after tests showed 99 percent of children born after the take-over had incredibly high level of lead contamination. Ten years later, the company has asked for extensions on the deadlines.
  • Hidden Hazards: A Legacy of Neglect

    Robert McCabe unmasked a failed environmental protection system on the local, state and federal level in Chesapeake, Virginia, that permitted developers to build housing on lands with serious pollution problems. In his first report, McCabe explained how in one subdivision, the lead contamination is so high that home buyers in part of the neighborhood will be forbidden to grow vegetables or to water their lawns with groundwater. Furthermore, their homes sit over an old dump site with high levels of underground combustible gas.
  • Is there Lead in Your Water?

    Consumer Reports conducted a national water test, and found that in some cities, the level of lead posed a clear hazard. The city of Chicago had the highest level of lead contamination, despite the fact that recent data Chicago submitted to the U.S. Environmental Protection Agency indicated that very few households had high levels of lead
  • (Untitled)

    WRTV-6 (Indianapolis, Ind.) reveals a dangerous lead contamination problem in an area neighborhood; state and local officials have done nothing to address the problem even though records show that since the 1970's they have known that lead concentration at the site is among the highest recorded in the world, May - December 1993.
  • (Untitled)

    Tulsa (Okla.) Tribune reports on lead contamination from a zinc manufacturing plant in Bartlesville, Okla., and how the victims of the contamination are the residents of a predominently black neighborhood, which is downwind of the plant, Aug. 26 - 30, 1991.