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  • The Jerome Hayes Case

    Jerome Hayes had alibis. He passed a lie detector test. The prosecutor said she believed someone else committed the crimes. A detective questioned why Hayes was still in jail. Yet Hayes stayed in a Jacksonville jail cell for 589 days only to be released with all charges dropped. The Florida Times-Union examined what happened in the case and what errors police, prosecutors and defense lawyers made. And as the paper reported on the Hayes case, it uncovered longstanding and wide-reaching records violations by the police.

    Politifact is a fact-checking website that focuses on the statements of the 2008 Presidential candidates, and rates the truth of each fact stated by the candidates. Statements are rated via the "Truth-O-Meter," a scale that used terms such as Pants on Fire, or Mostly True to verify what is being said. The St. Petersburg Times analyzes in further detail the truth of said facts that Politifact rates.
  • Plagued By Fear

    Dr. Thomas Butler, a plague researcher who "had treated the Black Death's bloated victims in the Third World," was accused of stealing vials of the plague that disappeared from laboratories where he was doing research in the United States, setting off a federal investigation and a trial. Mangels tells Butler's story in seven parts, detailing lax lab security, the trial and Butler's attempt to rebuild his life.
  • A Trustworthy Lie Detector?

    The Computer Voice Stress Analyzer (CVSA) is a lie detector "said to be able to determine truth or deception by tone of voice or stress level." The machine has "been sold to hundreds of police departments and the U.S. military," with these organizations using it to put people in jail and interrogate terror suspects even though "not a single scientific study has been done to show the CSVA actually works." The Pentagon has now banned use of the machine. An ABC News investigation discovered that while the machine is sold for $10,000 apiece with claims of 98 percent accuracy, some of its convictions have been overturned. In addition, CSVA creator and National Institute for Truth Verification CEO Dr. Charles Humble is "not a medical doctor and does not have a PHD from an accredited university. Instead, he was awarded a Dr. of Psychology after taking a few hours of bible studies at a bible college which was located in an Indiana strip mall."
  • Penned In

    This story is about the conviction and 40-year sentence of John Michael Harvey for the rape of a four-year old girl. Harvey protests his innocence, and so does the jury foreman, the judge in his trial, appellate attorneys, investigators, and even the findings of a lie detector. Even the victim says he didn't do it, and that her family members and the prosecutor coached her into saying Harvey did it. Since Harvey's conviction, the victim and her mother have signed affidavits professing Harvey's innocence. The trial judge wrote a letter supporting Harvey's parole, and the jury foremen says he made a mistake. He's going to testify on Harvey's behalf at the appeal.
  • (Untitled)

    Miami Herald reveals how Fort Lauderdale, Fla., sheriff uses his considerable power for his personal gain and that of his friends, and against his political enemies, including the falsifying of lie detector tests, 1991.
  • (Untitled)

    The Democrat and Chronicle (Rochester, N.Y) investigates the trial of Richard Knupp, the New York man charged with 2,134 counts of child abuse; the reporter found the emotional fervor surrounding the trial led to evidence being ignored and a questionable conviction; the newspaper eventually contracted an out-of-state lie detector test, which Knupp passed, Aug. 27, Dec. 17, 1989.
  • Lie Detector Lie

    WKYC-TV (Cleveland) airs series on how innocent people have lost jobs because of improper reliance on lie detectors, 1980.