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    In a six-month investigation, Clarissa Ward and investigative producer Jennifer Janisch penetrated the secretive black market trade of antiquities from Syria and Iraq, using hidden cameras to capture the first evidence of an authentic Roman mosaic stolen out of Syria, potentially worth six figures.
  • Breaking the Banks

    An investigation of community banks in Florida revealed that executives broke the law, looted their own institutions and got away with serious crimes that would have landed ordinary citizens in prison. The Herald-Tribune became the first American newspaper to obtain secret bank documents, built a database of 400,000 real estate records and profiled each of the 69 lenders that collapsed in the state. The series led to three indictments and prompted a pair of ongoing federal law enforcement investigations.
  • Filthy Rich

    Corruption costs an estimated $1.5 trillion per year worldwide, and it often takes the form of heads of state and their families looting public treasuries and expropriating resources for their personal gain. Less known is the fact that Western governments are sometimes complicit in this kleptocracy, particularly the United States, often out of America’s insatiable thirst for oil. Filthy Rich is the result of a one-year investigation by CNBC Senior Correspondent Scott Cohn and the network’s Investigations Inc. team. This original documentary focuses primarily on two countries: Azerbaijan in Central Asia and Equatorial Guinea in West Africa. Among the most corrupt countries in the world, the ruling families of both these oil-rich nations benefit from their close ties to the U.S. In the modern world, the U.S. is forced to make a choice between U.S. oil interests and U.S. values; Filthy Rich finds that all too often, U.S. oil interests win out.
  • Looting the Seas II

    Following the award winner report, Looting the Seas, this follow up investigation looks at the Spanish fishing industry.
  • Looting the Seas: How Overfishing, Fraud and Negligence Plundered the Majestic Bluefin Tuna

    "A groundbreaking, multimedia expose on the $4 billion black market in bluefin tuna, the world's most coveted source of sushi." From professional fisheries to tuna farms in the Mediterranean and N. Africa, the business was "riddled with fraud, negligence, and criminal misconduct."
  • "Looting the Public Trust"

    In three different investigations, Jennifer Dixon reveals a single consistency: "piercing government bureaucracies." Bribes, questionable wire transfers and hundreds of millions lost in "bad deals" are all part of the investigative reports that reveal startling government misconduct in Detroit.
  • Tainted Justice

    The police department is believed to have tainted police jobs, which are caused by lies and motivated by power, greed, and money. Furthermore, the squads are suspected of looting mom-and-pop stores, terrorizing hard-working immigrant merchants, preying on women, and fabricating evidence. These submissions could reopen and potentially overturn hundreds of cases.
  • Katrina's Hidden Race War / Body of Evidence

    The stories describe racial conflict that occurred in the aftermath of Hurricane Katrina. "Katrina's Hidden Race War" chronicles the formation of an armed militia in a predominately white neighborhood that shot at African American males suspected of looting. "Body of Evidence" outlines the death of Henry Glover and the New Orleans Police Department's refusal to seek medical attention for him. Glover's incinerated body was later discovered behind the Fourth District police station.
  • Shoot to Kill

    CNN looked at how the New Orleans Police Department responded to Hurricane Katrina. While doing so they focused on the shooting Danziger Bridge shooting which resulted in two dead and six shot. No police officer was shot.
  • Tin Men

    This story investigates corruption in Cleveland's scrap metal industry. It exposed the practice of looting vacant houses by "Tin Men" and the city's waste collection crews.