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  • Access to Steal

    KIRO-TV investigated the security flaws in airports "that allow baggage handlers to enter luggage storage areas, steal items, then remove the goods from the property." The investigative teams also "tracked dozens of missing handguns, stolen by criminals, who had direct access to loaded passenger jets."
  • Airport-security system in U.S. riddled with errors

    This is the first part of a three part series which explores the short comings of airport security. In this part, blatant security breaches, such as unscreened bags and weapons in checked luggage, are reported.
  • Strains for Airport Screeners

    The story revealed that federal airport screeners have the highest injury rate in the nation; injuries were causing screeners to miss about 250,000 work days a year; some of those absences led to screeners missing training, and violating a federal law requiring all checked luggage to go through bomb-detection machines. The story also found that the Transportation Security Administration had known about the injury problem for more than a year but had taken little action to improve the situation.
  • Amtrak security

    This WPTV investigation shows security lapses at Amtrak. Passengers are allowed to board trains without showing identification. Unidentified luggage is brought aboard. General Accountability Office records added depth to the story while the undercover news team observed lapses first-hand.
  • Airport Security Test

    In the post 9/11 era, the government has been taking steps to increase the security at airports. But as these investigations reveal, there are still some lapses in security. As this story tells us, though the number of people and equipment has been increased, at the airports, the personnel there don't have the essential training to inspect luggage and use the equipment efficiently.
  • "From the Top, A City that Doesn't Work...

    The packet of stories represents part of a year-long focus on misuse of tax funds by city officials and general malfeasance across the government of the District of Columbia. Powell's series shows how government corruption and incompetence cost Washington hundreds of millions of dollars a year. This series shows failure to spend approved federal grants, poorly written contracts and city work crews wasting time and doing private work on city time. Thompson and Woodlee focused on smaller numbers, but more audacious abuses by specific officials. The mayor paying police excessive overtime to move his luggage and a Corrections Department supervisor collecting overtime herself and authorizing overtime for city workers repairing her house.
  • (Untitled)

    Milwaukee Sentinel series details the problems of Northwest Airlines, including delays, lost luggage and labor unrest, Sept. 5-11, 1987.
  • Wagon Mound

    KOAT-TV (Albuquerque) "found Wagon Mound town officials had authorized their two-man police force to illegally ticket motorists on the nearby interstate as a way of raising revenue for their small town in northeastern New Mexico. Their speed trap paid off. In a five-month period, police ticketed hundreds of motorists, many from out of state, and collected well over $10,000 dollars in fines and bond money. The officers improperly searched cars and luggage, harassed motorists, often made arrests and illegally set exorbitant bonds."