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  • Into the Raging Sea: Thirty-Three Mariners, One Megastorm, and the Sinking of El Faro

    "A pulse-pounding Perfect Storm-style tale" (Kirkus, starred review) of the sinking of the American container ship El Faro, the crew of 33 who perished onboard, and the destructive forces of globalization that put the ship in harm’s way.
  • Justice Capsized?

    "An investigation of the U.S. Coast Guard's administrative law system, based on internal memos, interviews, the sworn statement of an agency judge and a computer data analysis of thousands of cases, suggests the system in stacked against the hundreds of civilian mariners whose charges of negligence or misconduct are handled by the courts each year. Documents and computer records show that Coast Guards leaders encourage judges to rule in the agency's favor, sometimes in violation of federal laws."
  • Caught Off Guard

    A Boston Magazine investigation examines the Coast Guard' vanishing ability to rescue mariners. The free-lance author "explores what happened when three fishermen, trapped inside their overturned boat, drowned while waiting for the Coast Guard to rescue them." The story details several other marine tragedies. The investigation reveals that the agency's staff has become "overworked and underqualified," as its budget has been cut and its mission has "expanded exponentially in such areas as drug enforcement, refugee interception and pollution control." The story's "sobering lesson" is: "Don't expect the Coast Guard to save you. The agency has neither the legal obligation nor the top notch ability to rescue every mariner who calls for help."