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  • Girls in polygamous Kingston Group continue to marry as young as 15, records show, sometimes leaving Utah to marry cousins

    While much of the focus of any polygamous group is on marriages that happen outside the law, an investigation showed how in one sect girls as young as 15 are driven or flown out of Utah to marry legally. This is done to find states that are less restrictive about the ages of the brides and grooms and where cousin marriages are legal, and in order to keep girls in the sect.
  • Forcing the Spring: Inside the Fight for Marriage Equality

    "Forcing the Spring" follows the legal challenge mounted against California's ban on same-sex marriage. It begins with the first efforts to stop Proposition 8 and the campaign to undermine the Defense of Marriage Act all the way to the final moments in the Supreme Court.
  • Marriage Monopoly

    A hidden camera investigation exposes a judge using her position to monopolize the wedding business in Indianapolis, which resulted in her resignation, sanctions against the judge, and new rules for the courts.
  • Till Death Do Us Part

    Awash in guns, saddled with ineffective laws and lacking enough shelters for victims of domestic abuse, South Carolina is among the nation's deadliest states for women, who are killed at a rate of one every 12 days. The series exposed numerous failings, including limited police training, inadequate laws, a lack of punishment, insufficient education for judges, a dearth of victim support, and traditional beliefs about the sanctity of marriage that keep victims locked in the cycle of abuse. These factors combine in a corrosive stew that, three times in the last decade, made South Carolina the No. 1 state in the rate of women killed by men.
  • Voter Patrol

    The NEWS4 I-Team dug through more than 600 phone and email tips to break three major election stories before, during and immediately after the presidential election. About two weeks before the election, we asked viewers to tell us when they saw problems when they voted. The response was immediate. Our two-man team went through every tip and beat out the AP, the Washington Post, the Baltimore Sun, the Richmond Times-Dispatch and other local stations on the biggest election stories in our area. Our first story revealed absentee ballots sent out in Maryland were missing their second page, which contained the most contested ballot initiatives including legalized gambling, same-sex marriage and the DREAM Act. This story was picked up across the nation and led to statements made by the Maryland Governor and the various interest groups involved in the ballot issues.
  • A Matter of Honour

    This documentary tells the story of three girls who fled their homes in order to escape being killed by family members for allegedly violating the family honor (honor killings).
  • Talking Hands

    Talking Hands introduces a little-known branch of cognitive science: the linguistic, psychological and neurological study of sign language. "In recent years, research in these areas has been vital in shedding new light on the ways in which all language works in the human mind." In the book, a group of linguists study and analyze the "signing village" of Al-Sayyid, a remote Bedouin community in Israel that, because of isolation and intermarriage, has a rate of deafness 40 times that of the general population.
  • Lost in Migration

    This series investigated immigration consultants in Canada, who were willing to "cook up bogus refugee stories and say marriages of convenience are possible." "As part of the investigation, a multilingual team of reporters secretly shopped consultants by phone and, wired with hidden cameras, in person."
  • Daddy's Girl

    Reporter Kelly Cramer tells the story of Bruce McMahan and Linda Schutt, a father and daughter who carried on an incestuous sexual relationship in the late 1990s and were married in 2004. Schutt was the biological daughter of McMahan, a rich Wall Street hedge fund manager. She was put up for adoption at birth by her mother. Schutt searched for her real father, and the pair connected in 1990 when Schutt was 21. Eight years later, they began their relationship, which lasted until she was married, and picked up again a few years later, resulting in the marriage of father and daughter.
  • The New Lies About Women's Health

    Radical Christian groups have been found to be endangering the lives of its women, by not accurately explaining sex-education, to promote abstinence until marriage. Lies are told to them in public school programs, they aren't allowed access to safe contraception, and they are guided to false, "objective" government websites.