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  • ABC15: Impostors

    Impostors is a two-hour documentary series taking viewers inside the underground world of unlicensed healthcare in Arizona. The six-part series exposes how a deeply incompetent, impotent, and indifferent regulatory system let’s an unthinkable number of medical impostors continue to practice.
  • Bad Medicine

    An investigation into doctors who face discipline in one state, but are allowed to practice in others with clean licenses, and the broken system that puts patients at risk.
  • Ailing Oversight

    The Honolulu Star-Advertiser compared a database of Hawaii licensed physicians with discipline data from the 49 other states. The reporters found dozens of examples of doctors who were disciplined elsewhere and either received new licenses in Hawaii or kept their existing medical licenses for years without sanctions here.
  • Target 12 Investigators: Checking Up On Your Doctor

    "It is common practice for doctors to hold medical licenses in multiple states, can take a significant amount of time for sanctions issued in other states to be verified by the Rhode Island Board of Medical Licensure and Discipline. ...In the meantime any patient checking that doctor's record would have found a clean slate, with no indication of the out-of-state sanction or the Rhode Island board’s investigation. We further uncovered that under the current system the only way for patients to truly check a doctor's background is to find out each state the doctor has ever been licensed in and check with each licensing authority individual."
  • Perilous Practices: a three-part series on the medical malpractice issue in Ohio

    Political ads have been saying that so many doctors are fleeing Ohio over concerns about rising medical malpractice insurance rates that it has caused a health care crisis, in which the public is losing access to vital services. However, a closer look reveals that the doctor supply has not been dramatically diminished by doctors retiring early or moving away from the state. In fact, the number of doctors holding active Ohio medical licenses went up slightly even as insurance rates were exploding.
  • Patients in Peril

    This investigation showed how the Virginia Board of Medicine allowed more than 250 doctors - including sex offenders, tax evaders, felons, drug dealers and a convicted murderer -- to hold medical licenses, despite records of grave errors and or misconduct.
  • Surgery Seminars

    ABC News 20/20 reports that "...More and more doctors are 'crossing over' from the specialties in which they were trained to completely different, more lucrative, medical specialties such as cosmetic surgery... Many doctors attend just a few weekend seminars before they begin operating on actual patients. Doctors argue that that's all that's needed, yet a plastic surgery residency consists of 5-7 years of general and plastic surgery after medical school. Using numerous electronic databases, we ran extensive background checks on the "faculties" of some of these weekend seminars and uncovered several surprising finds: several "faculty" members had had their medical licenses revoked or sanctioned... one had served time in federal prison..."
  • IRE Feed 4 "Investigate This"

    A compilation of 17 stories, including: 1.) "Deadly Detectors" WFXT, Boston, tested smoke detectors against the clock. 2.) "Burning Secret" WSMV, Nashville, State troopers were temporarily blinded and burned with pepper spray to feel it's effects, but without knowing the deadly and unhealthy hazards of the spray. 3.) "Take the Money and Run" News 12 Long Island, Election candidates betting campaign money. 4.) "Steroids For Sale" KPRC, Houston, Steroids illegally prescribed and Houston Police as customers. 5.) "Behind the Badge" WTHR, Indianapolis, Convicted criminal Police Officers. 6.) "Daycare Criminal Checks" KTVK, Dallas 7.) "Candy man" KOMO, Seattle, Teacher uses minors for door-to-door candy sales, usually in violation of child labor laws. 8.) "Illegal School Vans" WEWS, Cleveland, Schools transporting children in unsafe and illegal vans instead of buses. 9.) "High Crimes, High School" WITI, Milwaukee 10.) "Life After Death Row" WRAL, Raleigh 11.) "Foul Air" WWOR, New York, Carbon monoxide poisoning in indoor ice rinks. 12.) "Hard Bounces" KTVK, Dallas, "Banks that practice check ordering, or cashing larger checks first, equaling more profits for banks and more fines for customers. 13.) "Investigating the IRS" KTVK, Dallas 14.) "Fake Degrees" WFXT, Boston, Fake universities giving fake degrees. 15.) "Who is Mr. Wright?" KOMO, Seattle, An illegit doctor with fake credentials. 16.) "Medical Secrets" News 12 Long Island, A woman with terminal breast cancer, a doctor who failed to diagnose it, and a hospital that protected the doctors and punished the whistle blowers 17.) "Military Secrets" WRAL, Raleigh, Military doctors without medical licenses.
  • City Official Holds Expired Medical License

    Philadelphia Inquirer reveals multiple problems at the city medical examiner's office and at the morgue; problems include employees working without medical licenses in violation of state law, declaring people dead who were not and various other delays and other errors, March - December 1993.