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  • Sunny Skies, Shady Characters: Cops, Killers and Corruption in the Aloha State

    A memoir of James Dooley's 30-plus year career as an investigative reporter for print, television and online news outlets in Hawaii. The book focuses on local, national and international organized crime activities in Hawaii, with emphasis on the yakuza (Japanese gangsters) and Hawaii mobsters' ties to the Teamsters Union. Dooley also writes extensively on political cronyism and corruption in local, state and federal government and details the use of public records to pursue stories. The book explores the difficulties and rewards of reporting in an enclosed market like Hawaii and discusses the shrinkage of investigative journalism in the 50th state.
  • Death Zones & Darling Spies: Seven Years of Vietnam War Reporting

    This memoir is based on Beverly Deepe Keever's body of work covering the Vietnam War for the U.S. media from 1962-1969. The book provides a play-by-play about how the war was being mismanaged politically, militarily and diplomatically by the U.S. government and its allies.
  • Heart Like Water: Surviving Katrina and Life in its Disaster Zone

    "Hundreds of oral histories, interviews, and anecdotes lace through the author's own narrative of the storm and its ten week aftermath." Clark lived in New Orleans when Katrina hit and did not evacuate, this is his memoir.
  • Barack Obama's Family Tree

    Presidential candidate Senator Barack Obama's heritage has played a key part in his public persona. In his own memoir, "Dreams From My Father," Obama touches on his family history but Sun-Times reporter Scott Fornek went into deeper detail than any other published documentation about the candidate. Without aid from Obama or his staff, Fornek uncovered past dealings that had never been brought to the public's attention.
  • Navahoax

    Fleischer's investigation into the memoirs of Nasdijj, a writer who claims to be Native American. In his award winning memoirs, Nasdijj claims to be of Navajo descent and to have lived a life of tremendous poverty and suffering. In reality Nasdijj is Tim Barrus, a middle class white man with a history as a pornographer. His falsified story borrows heavily from authentic Native American writers.
  • Finding Manana: A Memoir of a Cuban Exodus

    Ojito relates her story of growing up in Cuba in the 1960's-70's, under Fidel Castro's government, and leaving Cuba in the 1980 Mariel boatlift when she was 16. She tells how the role of ordinary people in the boatlift managed to change the history of Cuba, South Florida and the U.S., as, she claims, President Carter partly lost the reelection because of the boatlift. She tells how although the White House attempted to deter the boatlift, Cubans came together to flee Cuba and arrive in Key West.
  • Terrorist Hunter

    This story is the memoir of a counter - terrorism expert. She has penetrated front groups of anti - American terrorist organizations operating in America. The book chronicled her escape from Iraq to Israel, her involvement in US intelligence gathering and her infiltration of various terrorist organizations.