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  • Canada’s Jewish Schindler

    VICE News' reporter Rachel Browne investigates the Liberation of Christian and Yazidi Children of Iraq, which claimed to be using the group's funds to rescue hundreds of Yazidi women and girls who had been captured as slaves by Islamic State militants in Iraq and Syria. Browne was the first person to report on their concerns and allegations that he was committing a fraud, and actually using his donation money to pay Yazidi families to say he rescued their family members.
  • Is it Right to Pay Ransoms?

    In 2009, an elderly retired teacher from Germany, a Swiss couple and a British citizen named Edward Dyer were kidnapped while driving down a desert highway after taking part in an annual concert of Tuareg music on the Mali-Niger border. They eventually ended up in the hands of Islamist militants belonging to the Al Qaeda in the Islamic Maghreb or AQIM. The German and Swiss hostages were released after several months when their governments paid ransom. But the British hostage was shot and then beheaded. The UK government bans paying ransom to abductors. This story reconstructs the abduction and its aftermath and shows how whether a hostage lives or dies depends on his or her government's willingness to negotiate and pay ransom.
  • Cowboys of Kabul

    US Protection and Investigations, a company owned by a Texas couple named Del and Barbara Spier, was, until recently, one of the largest security operations in Afghanistan. The company oversaw security of reconstruction projects but secured no-bid contracts, submitted false invoices, hired men from a notorious Afghan warlord, paid off militants and demonstrated many other corrupt actions. "The Cowboys of Kabul" details the actions of these and other corrupt contractors in America's war on terror.
  • The Purge

    "Christians in Iraq are being hunted, murdered, and driven from their homes in a wave of ethnic cleansing perhaps more brutal than any in the community's 2,000-year history. Before the U.S. invasion, Iraq was home to more than a million Christians- a small but thriving minority, which Saddam Hussein protected. Under the American occupation, Iraq's Christian community, one of the oldest in the world, has been driven towards extinction."
  • Kingdom on the Brink

    Following the kidnapping and beheading of Paul Johnson, CNN investigates terrorist incidents in Saudi Arabia. By interviewing a number of different Saudis, from working class to the royal family, this investigation tells the story through the eyes of the people who live it. Despite language and security difficulties, the story looks at the changing world of the Saudis, Islam and how the royal family struggles to crack down on al Qaeda militants.
  • 1994 IRE TV Award Winners and Finalists Tape.

    The 1994 IRE TV Award Winners and Finalists Tape is a compilation of 5 stories. 1.) "Jihad In America," PBS, SAE Productions. For this network of extreme Islamic militants, Jihad is a holy war, an armed struggle to defeat non-believers and establish an Islamic empire in America. See # 10650. 2.) "Mercy or Money," Turning Point, ABC News. A year-long investigation into Americans profitting from the war in Bosnia. A woman who claims to run a charity but was she out to help the kids or help herself? The miracle of how some children were saved and the outrage over what happened to the rest. Including a five-year-old girl who lost her leg in a bombing, has bags under her eyes becuase she lies awake at night listening to gunfire. See #10962. 3.) "Toxic Testing," KCTA, St. Paul. In 1953, the Army secretely sprayed thousands of Americans with toxic chemicals, who nevr knew they were the subject of a nationwide experiment. See # 10646.
  • The Cop, the Gangster and the Beauty Queen DRUG SMUGGLING

    A car crash last November revealed unsavory ties between the Turkish government, the country's neofascist right and the CIA. In These Times investigates how Grey Wolves, a neo-fascist terrorist group that has stalked Turkey since the late' 60s, helped smuggle heroin from Turkey to North America. The CIA tolerated Turkish drug and weapons trading in the hopes of encouraging pan-Turkish militants to incite anti-Soviet passions among Muslim Turkic minorities in the U.S.S.R. (April 28, 1997)
  • Jihad in America

    In the wake of the World Trade Center bombing, PBS investigates "the networks of Islamic extremists committed to Jihad in America. For these militants, Jihad is a holy war, an armed struggle to defeat nonbelievers or infidels. And their ultimate goal is to establish an Islamic empire.... you will hear what these militants say among themselves, and witness some of their secret activities here on American soil. ..."