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  • Problems Cited for District Plan

    This story file contains multiple articles about New York City's attempt to redistrict before the 1991 City Council elections. The new districts were supposed to allow for more minority representation, but Hispanic residents felt like the changes put them at a disadvantage. The article explores these complaints and finds them to be valid. Eventually the U.S. Justice Department declared the redistricting to be illegal. These articles cover all aspects of the issue and follow the dispute all the way to Washington.
  • Making elections fair to minorities: Teaneck case shows complex issue

    This investigation rooted in an analysis of census block data and voting records revealed the level of racially polarized voting in the community of Teaneck and raised questions of whether minorities received fair representation in politics and government. A Justice Department investigation into whether the town should replace its at-large elections with a ward system to ensure better minority representation prompted the newspaper to pursue its own investigation.