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  • Puerto Rico After the Storms: Recovery and Fraud

    U.S. taxpayer are footing the biggest bill ever for a natural disaster, $91 billion, going to a government mired in corruption and under FBI investigation. We are the only news program that we know of to tackle and extensively report on how much has been promised and how little has actually been received in the wake of hurricanes Maria and Irma. We travelled to the U.S. territory of Puerto Rico, learning there has been a great deal of misreporting and misunderstanding about these numbers, which were not easily accessible. To get at the true amounts, we obtained and examined federal and territory documents, pressed the governor’s office, and interviewed officials responsible for the aid including Puerto Rico’s top hurricane recovery official and FEMA’s top official in Puerto Rico. During our visit, there was a popular uprising against the government followed by the governor's resignation, and additional FBI arrests of U.S. and Puerto Rican officials and contractors.
  • Millions, Nepotism & Lies

    Following a several month investigation we detailed how a small cabal of power brokers were able to take millions of dollars sparsely populated rural, Hardee County received and funnel the money to relatives and insiders without going the proper channels. This small group of power brokers has been able to fly under the radar for years because rarely does a major media outlet cover the county which is part of our viewing area. State legislators who received some of the money ended up being targets of an Investigation by the Florida Ethics Commission which is still on-going. Meantime in the course of our investigation we discovered documents showing more than a million dollars in insurance money Hardee County received for damages from Hurricane Charlie which hit the area in 2004 was unaccounted for. Although the Hurricane occurred more than 9 years ago FEMA has not closed the file. Some of the contacts we made investigating the misappropriation of funds during the grant became sources for this part of the story as well.
  • University President Syndrome

    An investigation into alleged misspending by the president of a prestigious medical school in Dallas.
  • Gift With Strings Trips UCA President

    Investigation of the misappropriation of funds by a former UCA President.
  • Selling Saint Louis

    Investigation of how the Saint Louis region's power brokers are selling Saint Louis to the world, focusing on the St. Louis Regional Chamber and Growth Association and its misappropriation of funds. KMOV-TV also uncovered a $360 million taxpayer funded proposal to create China Hub at Lambert International Airport.
  • Side Effects

    Side Effects tells the story of a court case and the personal story that surrounded the making and unmasking of a bestselling drug, Paxil. "It chronicles the lives of two women - a prosecutor and a whistleblower - who exposes the pattern of deception in the research and marketing of Paxil, an antidepressant prescribed to millions of children and adults."
  • Ohio Attorney General: Price of Corruption

    WBNS-TV (Columbus, Ohio) revealed a pattern of corruption inside the state's highest law enforcement office including cronyism, misuse of state funds and property, improper use of campaign funds, ethics violations and cover-up. The reporters found that the Attorney General had used campaign funds to rent a condominium for two of his friends/employees that was later tied to sexual harassment,alleged crimes involving state vehicles and the hub for cronyism. Their reporting revealed that the Attorney General created a "transition fund" as an unregulated 501 c4 non-profit account. Through law enforcement, the station learned that this fund funneled at least $2,000 in inappropriate payments to the Attorney General's friend/employee/condo-mate.
  • Robert Felner

    Former University of Louisville Dean Robert Felner was involved in a money laundering scheme that led to the misappropriation of $2.3 million in contract and federal grant funds.
  • Ketek

    Dr. David Ross, who reviewed the safety of an antibiotic called Ketek for the Food and Drug Administration, tells the CBS Evening News that he warned them the drug was a "timebomb". Yet, the concerns were kept quiet, and the drug was approved, enjoying sales of $193 million worth in 2005. The drug's list of side effects, including possible liver problems, have been added to continuously since 2004. Senator Charles Grassley (R-IA) is conducting an investigation into the situation, and there is another congressional investigation of the drug and "possible misappropriation of CIA funding."
  • Aloha Al Qaeda

    This story delves into wasteful spending by the Department of Homeland Security. Among other scenes are outgoing secretary Tom Ridge lounging by the pool at a resort hotel in Hawaii while other staffers swim and snorkel nearby, all on a working day and at taxpayers' expense.