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  • Deadly Delays: The decline of Fire Response

    The author's investigative piece was the first national attempt to gauge the performance of fire departments. The Globe found that fire departments are arriving at fires later each year and yet still cutting staff. The delays are costly for lives and property.
  • Sex, politics and patronage: The downfall of a mayor

    On July 26, 2001 Waterbury Mayor Philip Giordano was arrested on federal sex charges, people in the city and the municipal government where shocked and unaware of the reason. In a five-month investigation that began on the day after the mayor's arrest the Waterbury-American found that Giordano had associated with prostitutes and possibly used drugs while serving the city. Giordano also used his political influence to secure city contracts to campaign contributors and close friends.
  • Disregarding Your Right to Know

    "The Special Reports Unit used the entire news staff to review the closed-session minutes of area public agencies. Under New Jersey law, public officials, under certain circumstances, can meet privately but they must keep minutes of those meetings and release them once the issue they discuss is resolved. ... We found that one in three public entities provided either no minutes at all or minutes so lacking in detail, it was impossible to tell what was discussed."
  • (Untitled)

    The Buffalo News looks at a study that found men held the majority of both elected and appointed posts in municipal government in Erie County, N.Y., despite the fact that women account for just over half the population. (March 29, 1995)
  • (Untitled)

    Times Union (Albany, N.Y.) reports that Capital District Regional Off-Track Betting officials live such a high lifestyle that it cuts into the profits meant to benefit municipal government, Feb. 24 - 26, 1991.