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  • Accused: The R. Kelly Story

    In this powerful prime-time special, “Dateline NBC” delved into the multiple allegations of sexual abuse that have been made against R. Kelly and asked why the documentary, “Surviving R. Kelly,” was able to do something the music industry and the national media never had: hold R. Kelly to account.
  • All the Rave: The Rise and Fall of Shawn Fanning's Napster

    This book details the history of Napster, Inc, the fastest growing business of all time and one of the most controversial. The book accounts for issues of copyright law, the modern music industry and the Silicon Valley attitude as it chronicles the success and failure of Napster.
  • Payola

    An ABC News 20/20 investigation confirming that a form of payola -- paying a radio station for airplay -- is rampant in the recording industry today because of a loophole. Some media giants which own dozens, sometimes hundreds, of radio stations, are now selling exclusive access to their playlists to independent promoters, called indies.
  • The Heavenly Jukebox

    "Rampant music piracy may hurt musicians less than they fear. The real threat -- to listeners and, conceivably, democracy itself -- is the music industry's reaction to it."
  • Meet the Napster

    This Time report looks at what's happening to Napster and the man behind the technology -- "Shawn Fanning was 18 when he wrote the code that changed the world. His fate, and ours, is now is the court's hands."
  • Jelly Roll Blues

    The Tribune traces the life of Ferdinand "Jelly Roll" Morton, one of the creators of Jazz music. A Tribune analysis finds Morton was right when he claimed the music industry robbed him of millions.
  • (Untitled)

    Rolling Stone investigates heroin addiction among rock and roll stars and what the music industry is doing - or not doing - to help them. The article focuses on the tragic death of Kurt Cobain and the addiction of Blind Mellon band leader, Shannon Hoon. (May 30, 1996)
  • (Untitled)

    In the wake of the unsolved murder of gangster rapper Tupac Shakur in Las Vegas last fall, ABC news began to investigate the background of the man driving the car in which Shakur was murdered. The driver, record executive Marion "Suge" Knight, was feared by many in the music industry because of his reputation for violence and persistent rumors surrounding his rise to power. An extensive investigation of court records revealed that Knight was a three-time convicted felon who had not only managed to stay out of jail, but within the space of a few short years, rose from music industry bodyguard to head what has become the most profitable record label in the country. ABC's investigation of Knight's unprecedented rise to power uncovered how he used violence and intimidation to build his company, Death Row Records, into a billion dollar business. (November 6, 1996)