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  • State contracting scandal fallout

    In December of 2014, a high-ranking Texas health official resigned following weeks of questions by the Houston Chronicle and Austin American-Statesman about a $110 million no-bid contract. In the days and weeks after the resignation, the Houston Chronicle used sophisticated data analysis to show how the official had gotten away with egregiously stretching the rules of a $2 billion state purchasing program and to show how flaws in the program would make it easy for others to exploit it.
  • Lake Kahola: A City Manager's ethical abyss

    This investigative piece examines a series of "no bid" consulting contracts "authorized by Wichita's City Manager and issued to his close personal friend and seller of precious lakefront property.
  • (Untitled)

    The Tribune-Review finds that two of Pittsburgh Mayor Tom Murphy's longtime friends are key figures in a $42 million plan to redevelop the mayor's neighborhood. Both were awarded potentially lucrative no bid contracts. (Nov. 19 - 20, 1995)