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  • Dangers in the Deep

    The story explored how the cost of dismantling run-down oil rigs in the Gulf of Mexico had been ignored by both the regulators and the energy industry for decades. This September the responsible government agency reversed a dangerously lenient policy that had allowed the vast majority of operators forgo setting aside any financial collateral to pay for future so-called plugging and abandonment (P&A). Now companies in the Gulf have up to 9 months to find roughly $37 billion to meet these new P&A obligations.
  • A Hole at the Bottom of the Sea

    The book tells how the government and BP responded to an emergency unlike anything encountered before in the history of petroleum engineering: a blowout in imle-deep water. The book chronicles the 87-day effort to cap the Macondo well after the explosion on the drilling rig Deepwater Horizon.
  • Deep Trouble

    The Journal's initial coverage of the Gulf Oil Spill posed many questions about the impact of the spill. It also revealed that the Deepwater Horizon rig didn't have a remote-control shut-off switch, a feature used as a last-resort protection against oil spills.
  • The Blowout

    Three-and-a-half weeks after the Deepwater Horizon blowout, 60 Minutes gave an accurate depiction of what happened. Michael Williams, the rig's chief electronics technician, described key events he had witnessed in the weeks leading up to the disaster.
  • Oil Spill

    The New York Times' continuing coverage of the Gulf Oil Spill documents the vulnerabilities, weaknesses, loopholes, and oversight that led the disaster.
  • Hurricane Coverage

    Substandard and poorly enforced building codes led to houses that were unsafe during hurricanes in Mobile, Alabama. Gaps were also found in the county's evacuation plan and in the sturdiness of oil rigs constructed in the Gulf of Mexico.
  • The Effects of Accelerated Offshore Drilling

    San Diego Magazine explores the link between off-shore oil drilling, which is accelerating under the Reagan administration, and air pollution and toxic wastes generated by the oil rigs. The magazine uncovers lax testing by the EPA and other agencies.