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  • BALCO Steroid Conspiracy Case

    These stories from the San Francisco Chronicle, investigate two men who were suspected of supplying elite athletes with steroids that could not be detected through drug testing. These two men worked with a nutritional supplement lab and supplied steroids and human growth hormones to NFL football players, major league baseball players and Olympic athletes.
  • Blood on the Rings - Tales of Torture

    The human rights violations by Saddam Hussein and his ruling family are well documented. Tom Farrey uncovered a new aspect of this story. Iraqi Olympic athletes were often tortured for failing to win competitions. Some accuse Saddam's son Uday Hussein with turning the Iraqi Olympic building into headquarters for criminal operations involving smuggling stolen cars and other goods.
  • USOC- Drugs

    The Early Show finds that "the former Chief Anti-doping Officer of the U.S. Olympic Committee (USOC) claims the USOC encourages banned drug use by athletes by ignoring such use, and by ensuring a lax testing and punishment system." Gumbel, Owen and Zarpas found, among other things, that "several former athletes and coaches who are known to have used banned, performance-enhancing substances, were hired by the USOC to oversee its alleged 'anti-doping' efforts."
  • On the Wrong Track

    A Journal-Constitution investigation finds that on the eve of the olympic games, the program created by Congress to develop Americas's Olympic athletes is failing. It doesn't promote Olympic sports for the nation's youth as federal law mandates. The Journal-Constitiution details the wasting of resources, and discrimination within the U.S. Olympic Committee. (Oct. 1, 1995)
  • (Untitled)

    New York Times reveals that probably more than half of Olympic athletes used steroids before the 1988 games; the medical community lacks convincing evidence to support warnings against steroid use; underground research has enabled athletes to benefit from drugs not yet known by the legitimate scientific community, Nov. 17, 1988.
  • Drug Use at the '83 Pan-American Games

    Los Angeles Times says Olympic athletes continue to use drugs despite drug testing; use of steroids is widespread.