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  • WBEZ: The crisis hidden inside Illinois’ prisons

    This series of stories was supposed to focus on the cost, and the effects of overcrowding in Illinois prisons on inmates and public safety. However, Illinois Gov. Pat Quinn forced us to focus much of our series on the fact that reporters were not being allowed into the prisons. Our requests early in 2012 to visit two minimum security prisons were denied by the Quinn administration, kicking off a very public battle between us (WBEZ) and the governor. After immense public pressure failed to move the governor we threatened to sue. The Illinois Department of Corrections finally agreed to have reporters come in to tour facilities but those tours are still quite restricted and the public battle for more access continues and litigation remains an option. While documenting that struggle, the stories also focus the state’s attention on corrections by talking with recently released inmates, advocates, attorneys, legislators, prison officials and employees about the current crisis of prison overcrowding in Illinois. Through their stories we tried to bring the public inside the locked facilities despite the governor’s insistence that we stay out.
  • Secret early release of Illinois prisoners

    The series finds that the Illinois state government had secretly released 1,700 inmates from prison early in an attempt to save money and reduce overcrowding. Many of those released had committed violent crimes or been convicted of driving under the influence.
  • "Prison Predator"

    Overcrowding in California's 33 prisons has led to inmate violence, death and an alarming lack of accountability among prisons workers. In the past year, Lancaster state prison has seen two deaths as a result of inmate violence. In both cases, officials have keep quiet. A federal court ruling has asked California prison officials to relieve the overcrowding by releasing 40,000 inmates, though the ruling has been met by resistance by the governor and other politicians.
  • "Deporting Justice"

    In an ongoing television series, WFAA-TV reveals that thousands of felons accused of murder, rape and assault are often deported instead of standing trial. In Dallas, many of the accused felons are Mexican citizens who, instead of facing criminal trial in the states, are put on a bus and shuttled back to Mexico where they are set free. Deporting the accused felons also decreases the chance of "jail overcrowding."
  • Culture of Resistance

    The Seattle Time analyzed millions of computerized hospital records, death certificate and other documents to track the swath of one of the nation's most widespread, and preventable, epidemics. In its investigation, the Times gained access to state files that revealed 672 previously undisclosed deaths attributable to the infection. The Times also found that in Seattle's largest public hospital, some patients who are infected with contagious MRSA are roomed with non-infected patients because of overcrowding. In at least a dozen cases, the Times proved that death certificates were inaccurate or incomplete when it came to MRSA.
  • A Troubled Diagnosis

    "Overcrowding, violence and drug abuse have made New Jersey's Ancora Psychiatric Hospital a place where no one is safe. The report triggered a U.S. Civil Rights investigation into the hospital, plus reform bills in the Legislature."
  • Good Time Credit

    Nevada legislature passed AB510 to reduce prison overcrowding by "granting 'good time credits' to nonviolent, non-sexual offenders." However, what the public wasn't told was that it would apply to all felons on parole.
  • No Relief in Sight

    The authors investigated the overcrowding in elementary schools in the Chicago area. Despite Chicago Public Schools spending $680 million dollars since 1995 to ease the situation, little has changed with one in four schools meeting the district's criteria for not being overcrowded.
  • Death in Jail

    This series explores some of the issues around the beating death of an inmate in the Richmond City Jail. There were broken locks on some cells where dangerous or vulnerable prisoners were housed - a condition that was known for a long time but never remedied.
  • Violent and out of EBR

    This investigation found that because of an overcrowding in the East Baton Rouge Parish Prison, arrestees were set free minutes after arrest. Records obtained during this investigation showed that about 332 people were released from custody between the months of May and October. Among these suspects, some were accused of first-degree murder, domestic and sexual battery, and kidnapping.