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  • "Panhandler's Secret"

    In this investigative report, KGAN-TV dug deep into the lives of three men who panhandled daily in Cedar Rapids. After eight weeks of following the men and talking to their friends and family, KGAN found that they make several hundred dollars a day. One even owns a home. The panhandlers haven't returned since the story aired.
  • "The Panhandle Paradox"

    Hal Herring investigates the land developments of the St. Joe Company in the Florida panhandle. On the surface, development plans seem to be environmentally sound, but upon closer inspection, the company's developments threaten to destroy major ecosystems harboring many "endangered species."
  • In Short Supply

    An investigation in the Express-News looks into the fact that "Texas is headed toward a crisis when it comes to meeting its future water needs." As the population continues to grow, the water supplies have not kept pace, and state officials says Texas will have "18 percent less water and twice the number of people by 2060 if it continues on its current course."
  • Boone Pickens wants to sell you his water

    Texas Monthly looks at the risk of depleting the Ogallala Aquifer, "a vast underground reservoir that stretches from the High Plains of Texas all the way to the Dakotas" and the "largest single groundwater source in the United States." The story exposes the plan of Boone Pickens, a former "oil tycoon and a feared corporate raider," to pump up water from Ogallala and to sell it to "cities like San Antonio and El Paso that are running out of water." The reporter finds that the dangerous approach of treating water like a marketable commodity results from a Texas law, which allows a property owner to "pump as much as he wishes ... no matter if he dries up his own water and his neighbors' water along with it."
  • Homeless In The High Desert

    This is a five day series detailing the lives of the homeless population in Victorville, CA, and the people who care for them. The homeless have formed a "family" that live in a local park and church groups takes turns feeding them every day. This series gets beyond public policy issues and an outsider's view to enter the lives of the homeless, defying stereotypes and generalizations.
  • The Business of Begging

    The New York Times Magazine reports that "Among the hustlers and hucksters, there are panhandlers of talent who earn $50, $100 and even more a day. But since the police crackdown, their job has gotten harder."
  • "Signman" Series

    WRTV-TV (Indianapolis) look at the increase in the number of panhandlers in Indianapolis, particulary those people holding signs on street corners and asking to "work for food;" focuses on one man who had worked one corner for more than a year, and found he had been offered several full-time jobs with benefits but said he could make more money on the street corner, Nov. 19 - 20, 1992.
  • Yuppie Panhandlers

    KCBS-TV (Los Angeles) describes how a young couple scammed people in supermarket parking lots; shows how the couple claimed the woman was pregnant and they were far from home and asked for money and made about $200 each day for about 2 hours of panhandling, Aug. 23, 1988.
  • I am homeless

    Pittsburgh Press reporter spends 14 days on the streets as a homeless person, and reports on the people and conditions he found in the world of the homeless.
  • (Untitled)

    Florida Trend looks at the overblown attempt by a little-known Texas development company to build a huge development in Florida panhandle; document search uncovers developer's shaky past, March 1, 1987.