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  • NBCLA: Pepper Spray Use Skyrockets at Juvenile Hall

    The use of pepper spray by probation officers at Los Angeles County juvenile halls and camps has skyrocketed over the last few years, prompting an investigation and raising concerns as similar agencies across the country are banning pepper spray use, citing health concerns.
  • Chemical Cops

    "Tear gas and pepper spray can be deadly. No one is protecting the public," In These Times reports. Chemical agents used by law enforcement in the U.S. have been banned from warfare. Studies indicate many short- and long-term health problems that can result from exposure to these agents. There are also no standards imposed on the manufacture of police-grade chemical weaponry, meaning the contents of the agents and solvents remains a mystery and a risk.
  • IRE Feed 4 "Investigate This"

    A compilation of 17 stories, including: 1.) "Deadly Detectors" WFXT, Boston, tested smoke detectors against the clock. 2.) "Burning Secret" WSMV, Nashville, State troopers were temporarily blinded and burned with pepper spray to feel it's effects, but without knowing the deadly and unhealthy hazards of the spray. 3.) "Take the Money and Run" News 12 Long Island, Election candidates betting campaign money. 4.) "Steroids For Sale" KPRC, Houston, Steroids illegally prescribed and Houston Police as customers. 5.) "Behind the Badge" WTHR, Indianapolis, Convicted criminal Police Officers. 6.) "Daycare Criminal Checks" KTVK, Dallas 7.) "Candy man" KOMO, Seattle, Teacher uses minors for door-to-door candy sales, usually in violation of child labor laws. 8.) "Illegal School Vans" WEWS, Cleveland, Schools transporting children in unsafe and illegal vans instead of buses. 9.) "High Crimes, High School" WITI, Milwaukee 10.) "Life After Death Row" WRAL, Raleigh 11.) "Foul Air" WWOR, New York, Carbon monoxide poisoning in indoor ice rinks. 12.) "Hard Bounces" KTVK, Dallas, "Banks that practice check ordering, or cashing larger checks first, equaling more profits for banks and more fines for customers. 13.) "Investigating the IRS" KTVK, Dallas 14.) "Fake Degrees" WFXT, Boston, Fake universities giving fake degrees. 15.) "Who is Mr. Wright?" KOMO, Seattle, An illegit doctor with fake credentials. 16.) "Medical Secrets" News 12 Long Island, A woman with terminal breast cancer, a doctor who failed to diagnose it, and a hospital that protected the doctors and punished the whistle blowers 17.) "Military Secrets" WRAL, Raleigh, Military doctors without medical licenses.
  • (Untitled)

    SF Weekly reports on the often excessive use of pepper spray by the San Francisco police department and its tragic effects. (May 15, 1996)
  • (Untitled)

    CovertAction Quarterly investigates the use of pepper spray on criminal suspects and for street justice and civil unrest. Some have called the spray, which has been involved in 60 U.S. deaths and can last up to 45 minutes, a form of torture. (Spring 1996)