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  • Fatal shooting exposes nepotism in the California Senate

    The California Capitol was rocked last year by criminal charges against three state senators accused in unrelated cases of bribery, perjury and conspiracy to traffic weapons. These were high-profile cases that garnered widespread media attention and public hand-wringing by politicians. What wasn't being covered by anyone else was the stories you will read here, about an ethical crisis simmering in the administrative side of the state Senate -- problems that had been largely ignored by the politicians elected to run the house. This entry includes 11 news stories I wrote over six months, a mix of enterprise investigations and breaking news. Rosenhall coverage led to significant changes in the administration of the California Senate.
  • Revenge Beatdown

    These stories document perjury, assault, false arrest and cover-up by a reckless cadre of SWAT officers. The first news story on the conspiracy and revenge beating ran in January, 2014. In February, Alabama Media Group reported in detail on the unsolved execution linked to the beating. This was followed by several incremental stories throughout the year. The reporting culminated in a seven-part series in December, telling the story of the revenge beatdown and the conspiracy from the point of view of two honest police officers who attempted to investigate their own.
  • Blago Hit Up Burris for Cash

    This series reveals how US Sen. Roland Burris changed his sworn testimony regarding his contacts with Rod Blagojevich. The series also revealed the US senator lied and then he lied about lying. All of this on top of one of the biggest political stories of the year with Blagojevich and Burris.
  • Above the Law

    "Despite that no one wanted this information revealed, our stories document a disturbing pattern of abuse of power, ethical misconduct and corruption by the Chief Federal Judge of the U.S. District Court of Colorado."
  • Casino Scandal

    Scranton billionaire Louis DeNaples was awarded a slots license in December of 2006 by the Pennsylvania Gaming Board despite being a convicted felon with ties to the Bufalino Crime Family.
  • The Guetzloe Files

    "A political consultant who illegally spent money affecting Florida elections is exposed after his unpaid storage unit is auctioned off for $10 and given to investigative reporter Tony Pipitone." The broadcasts that resulted led to the consultant indicted on perjury. WKMG-TV also had to fight off an injunction in order to broadcast their stories based off of the files.
  • "The Traitor: the Ed Wilson Story"

    Nightline investigated the case of Ed Wilson, a former CIA agent, who was sentenced in 1983 to 52 years in federal prison for selling arms and explosives to Libya. Twenty years later he was quietly exonerated and it was brought to light that prosecutors and government witnesses had fabricated evidence against Wilson and lied under oath. Now, three of those men are federal judges and others prominent lawyers in Washington.
  • A Shot in the Arm

    Police arrested Darryl Burton on June 28, 1984, for the shooting death of Donald Ball, a notorious neighborhood gangster. Burton's trial in 1985 lasted two days, and a St. Louis jury found him guilty of capital murder and armed criminal action. Circuit Judge Jack L. Koehr sentenced the 23 year old Burton to life in prison. This story explores the murder conviction and the obstacles Burton has encountered in trying to get the conviction reversed. He was convicted on the strength of two eyewitness accounts. Gay finds that one of the eyewitnesses admitted perjury, and the other has had his character and testimony impugned by the arrival of new testimony.
  • Prosecuting Poverty

    Brice, a student reporter at Leviathan student magazine, reveals that officials of Butte County, California, tend to investigate thousands of low-income women for welfare fraud every year. Though many of them make a misrepresentation out of desperation or make a mistake, they end up arrested, with felony charges on their records, This only limits their chances to get a job and get off of welfare, the reporter finds.
  • Good Cop, Bad Cop

    "The arrests of four homeless men ... all with past histories of drug problems and arrests, led to the suspension and ultimately, termination of the two officer, the case illustrates how hard it is to get the criminal-justice system in Los Angeles -- from police investigators to prosecutors and judges -- to takes seriously the claims of suspects who swear they are innocent. "