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    Village Voice (New York) reports on Alyeska, an oil pipeline consortium made up of the oil giants British Petroleum, Arco, Mobil, and Exxon, and how the industry attempted to silence a whistleblower who accused them of regularly selling him watered-down crude; finds that Alyeska had falsified tests used to determine the water content of the product, and was polluting the Alaska coastline with toxic hydrocarbons; Alyeska hired a private investigator to go through the man's trash, obtain his phone records, surveil his every move and intercept his mobile phone calls, Nov. 5, 1991.
  • Battle for the Palisades

    KNBC-TV (Los Angeles) investigates tactics Occidental Petroleum has used to try to drill for oil in Pacific Palisades, Calif.; company infiltrated an anti-drilling group and paid off politicians; discusses the unusual circumstances by which Occidental acquired drilling rights and background on industrialist Armand Hammer, Dec. 12-14, 1984.
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    Tulsa (Okla.) Tribune investigates U.S. emergency oil supply system and finds it a mess; quality of oil is subject to doubt as a result of Strategic Petroleum Reserve's failure to monitor private contractors, major oil companies allowed to default on deliveries without penalties, March 1982.
  • Port Development in Terrebonne Parish

    Houma (La.) Daily Courier examines the impact of a port development in the parish; finds that building a petroleum port closer to the Gulf would be a better idea than building it on 400 acres in town as planned.
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    L.A. Weekly provides political analysis of Los Angeles mayor Tom Bradley's reversal of his decade-long opposition to Occidental Petroleum's bid to drill for oil on the beach in Pacific Palisades; the article shows how money, power and personal influence affected the decision.
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    Morning Advocate (Baton Rouge) runs a comprehensive analysis of the Louisiana petrochemical industry and its impact on the environment; finds inadequacies in environmental protection on every front--air, water, transportation and hazardous waste disposal.