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    Plain Dealer (Cleveland) conducts a computer analysis of FAA records and its licensing system and finds it a regular practice by pilots and mechanics to lie about their work experience and credentials on FAA licenses in order to get jobs, leaving the safety of millions of air travelers at risk, Feb. 16 - 17, 1992.
  • Pilots: Dead Tired

    Now It Can Be Told reports on how pilot fatigue contributes to pilot error and accidents; pilots blame unreasonable flight schedules and inadequate federal regulations, Nov. 26, 1991.
  • Inexperienced Pilots Plaguing Commuter Airlines

    San Francisco Chronicle documents the inexperience of commuter airline pilots; the FAA denies there is any danger, but a string of fatal commuter crashes was traced to pilots with marginal qualifications and histories of careless flying.
  • Small Airlines Likely to Remain Unsafe

    Rocky Mountain News (Denver) investigates the safety of regional airlines; the smaller planes commonly flown by regional airlines have an accident rate of 1.43 per 100,000 flights, compared to 0.43 per 100,000 flights for aircraft with more than 30 seats; pilot error and insufficient regulation add to the problem.
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    Washington Monthly reports on the slipshod inspections, loose regulations and untrained pilots threatening safety in the commuter airline industry, November 1988.
  • Airport Security

    WFLA found holes in Federal Aviation Association (FAA) safety that make a terrorists job easy. Some pilots say the security procedures are a sham.
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    Fayetteville (N.C.) Times looks at air safety in North Carolina, covering everything from air traffic patterns to intoxicated pilots, Nov. 14 - 23, 1988.
  • The Sky's Limits: Building the MD-80

    Detroit News investigates problems with McDonnell Douglas's MD-80 aircraft following crash of one in Detroit; finds deregulation and mergers have had an impact on pilots and flying, and the MD-80 had history of problems that might have contributed to the crash, Nov. 15-30, 1987.
  • Pilot Drug Abuse

    KMSP-TV (Minneapolis) report looks at substance abuse by commercial and private pilots, finding NTSB records show alcohol is a factor in 10 percent of general aviation crashes; finds flaws in FAA rules that allow pilots with long records of driving under the influence to continue flying airplanes.
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    Pittsburgh Press discloses flaws in the FAA's drug screening and medical certification program that allow pilots with life-threatening drug habits and medical problems to fly commercial aircraft; patient confidentiality laws forbid medical personnel from turning in pilots with drug problems; FAA examinations are easily rigged, Sept. 21-Dec. 22, 1986.