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  • The Game: Beaten, Branded, Bought and Sold

    Thousands of young Canadian-born girls trafficked for sex in dodgy motels and high class hotels by "Romeo Pimps" who sell them a bogus dream of love and a future. After following a document trail reporter and photographer interviewed victims on the record and a pimp who described this very dangerous game.
  • Pimp City: A Journey to the Center of the Sex Slave Trade

    As authorities in the US struggle to keep up with the explosion in sex trafficking, Fusion’s investigative documentary, "Pimp City: A Journey to the Center of the Sex Slave Trade", uncovers a subversive network linking America’s secret neighborhood brothels to a remote Mexican town that traffics more sex slaves to the US, than anywhere else.
  • Harsh Treatment

    In Illinois, hundreds of juvenile state wards are assaulted and raped by their peers each year at taxpayer-funded residential treatment centers as authorities fail to act on reports of harm and continue sending waves of youths to the most violent facilities, the Tribune's "Harsh Treatment" investigation found. Prostitution becomes a fact of life at facilities where experienced residents introduce others to pimps, escort websites and street corners. And thousands of kids flee to the streets, where some sold drugs and sex to survive and others broke into homes and mugged passers-by. Dozens have never been found. The reporters gathered thousands of pages of highly protected juvenile case files, successfully petitioned the Cook County juvenile court for access to delinquency files and through relentless FOIA appeals pried free police and state monitoring reports on violent incidents inside the facilities.
  • Trafficked

    Youth Radio covered the issue of human trafficking into the sex trade, a problem prevalent in Oakland. Their coverage focused on the perspectives of the trafficked teenagers.The story "pieces together what life is like for girls who are kidnapped or ensnared by pimps -- and how law enforcement criminalizes juvenile victims, arresting them three times as often as the traffickers who exploit them."
  • Asset Forfeiture Collection

    This series examines the use and abuses of criminal and civil asset forfeiture that includes articles on Southern California motor cycle gangs, St. Louis policemen and pimps.
  • Children for Sale

    Dateline investigated the child sex trade in Cambodia. The story led to the prosecution of a Canadian man for purchasing sex with children there. The investigative team worked with a human rights group whose sting operation led to the arrest of pimps and the rescue of three dozen girls.
  • Selling Atlanta's Children

    The Atlanta Journal-Constitution explains why runaway girls who work as prostitutes in Atlanta are often jailed while their adult pimps go free. The root of the problem is a lack of children's programs in Georgia.
  • Tiffany's Betrayal

    The San Francisco Examiner tells the story of Tiffany Mason, a 15 year old who bounced between foster care, her mother and her pimp before being murdered in August 2001. The Examiner series blames the city of San Francisco, the juvenile justice system and the state Department of Human Services for her death, stating that the system did nothing to take Tiffany away from her pimp. The Examiner uses this story to illustrate a larger problem: "men buy sex from hundreds, possibly thousands of children in San Francisco each year with near impunity. Police routinely ignore or issue misdemeanor citations to men who pay children for sex." And agencies do little to prevent young women arrested for prostitution from going back to their pimps after they've been released from juvenile hall.
  • Prostitution Gangs Hit Houston

    KPRC-TV reports on "a rare, out-of-state organization of prostitutes and their pimps" in a busy Houston neighborhood. The investigation used hidden cameras to show how the prostitutes were openly stopping traffic. The follow-up segments report on the police "massive sweep" of the area, and explain some nontraditional crackdowns used in the fight against the massive organization. "The problem is just beginning to hit cities throughout the country," the story reveals.
  • Selling Atlanta's Children

    The Journal-Constitution investigates teenage prostitution in Atlanta. The investigation focuses on the fact that prostitutes as young as 10 are going to jail while the adult men who exploit them go free. As a result of the investigation the state legislature passed laws making pimping minors a felony punishable by up to 20 years in prison and allowing the government to seize assets of those involved in child prostitution. Eleven alleged pimps were arrested on racketeering after the series ran.