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  • Trading Away Justice

    Guilty pleas have become the go-to solution for the nation’s overburdened courts. They account for nine of every 10 convictions in the United States. But our near-total reliance on plea bargaining has created a parallel justice system -- one without the constitutional safeguards of trials, that operates largely in secret and with little oversight. Through case studies and data analysis, “Trading Away Justice” documents how even innocent defendants are being pressured into pleading guilty.
  • Juvenile Justice?

    Project examines the impact a prosecutor's power to send youth to adult courts without judicial review has on juvenile plea deals and the length of juvenile detentions.
  • Juvenile Justice?

    A seven-month investigation by the Times-Union found that prosecutors in the Jacksonville area used the threat of adult charges to force low-risk juvenile defendants to accept plea deals that would send them to facilities meant for the most hardened juveniles – even in cases where the Florida Department of Juvenile Justice said those juveniles shouldn't have been locked up at all.
  • Deals and Dismissals

    The News reports on how a system of plea deals at the Buffalo City Court has resulted in ill-advised bargaining and few serious convictions. In two years, the report says, the court has made itself out to be one of deals and dismissals, where defendents are far less likely to leave with a misdemeanor conviction. Some statistics will help: nearly three-fourths of those who walk into this court facing criminar charges walk out without a criminal record. Furthermore, the most common sentence for even those who are convicted with severe penalities is a conditional discharge - stay out of trouble for an year and follow court instructions, then there are no punishments.
  • Committed a crime? Expect a plea deal

    The Clarion Ledger's three-part series finds that "95 percent of all criminal cases are plea bargained, which is in line with the national average." However, it also found "a variety of instances of violent offenders serving little to no jail time. For example, in the review period of 132 days, we found nine instances of people charged with murder or manslaughter who served five years or less. We also found two instances where mistakes on the part of officials let one convicted felon go free an another serve far less jail time than he would have otherwise."
  • Tarpon Springs Police Cover-Up

    WFTS-TV refutes the official version that Shawn McMillan accidentally shot himself, and found witnesses who said moments before McMillan was shot, Daniel Nordmark, a corrections officer, and Bernie Dillman, had been seen drunk firing a gun in a crowded parking lot. The story results in charges for Nordmark and Dillman, "leading to plea deals and prison sentences. "