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  • Remembering Saddam

    North's documentary details the lives of a group of Iraqi men who were victims of Saddam Hussein's regime. All suffered brutal punishment, such as amputation of a hand and other scarring, inflicted for what the regime called "crimes." Some changed foreign currency illegally, some were merely politically opposed to the Baath party.
  • The Kuwait of Africa

    This story focuses on Equatorial Guinea, a small country in West Africa. Equatorial Guinea is a country that benefits from oil wealth, but also experiences corruption and repression. The story also investigates the family of Equatorial Guinea's dictator, a very wealthy man who supposedly lives a lavish lifestyle while the rest of his country remains poor. According to some, the ruling family also tortures political prisoners.
  • (Untitled)

    Santa Fe Reporter does series on problems, including low worker morale and weak security, in the New Mexico prison system; special attention is given to investigation of the new head of the system, a former employee of the U.S. Office of Public Safety, which was linked to torture of political prisoners in various countries.