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  • Donald J. Trump Investigative Coverage

    CBS News investigates Donald J. Trump’s business failures, exaggerated claims of wealth, potential for conflicts of interest as president and the Trump Foundation.
  • Secret Email Account Exposed

    It's a practice that gained national notoriety with reports that presidential candidate Hillary Clinton declined to use her government-issued email for public business -- favoring a personal account while serving as Secretary of State. The WDSU I-Team discovered a similar practice involving the leader of the most populous city in Louisiana. We delved into how many emails the mayor of New Orleans sends, and from what accounts. Investigative reporter Travers Mackel tracked down the mayor and asked him why he used his private email instead of his city-issued one. In this two-part series, we take a closer look at the practice. Days after the reports aired, the mayor renounced the use of his private email account for public business.
  • Presidential Campaign Accountability Coverage

    The Wall Street Journal examined leading presidential candidates, their backgrounds and fundraising. A set of stories explored potential conflicts of interest between Hillary Clinton's work as secretary of state and donors to the Bill, Hillary and Chelsea Clinton Foundation and paid sponsors of Bill Clinton's speeches. The Journal also exposed Donald Trump's role as a pitchman for what some have called a pyramid scheme. Journal reporters also scrutinized Jeb Bush's donor network as well as the level of coordination between Mr. Bush's campaign and the "independent" super PAC supporting his presidential bid. And Journal reporters revealed Dr. Ben Carson's connections to a questionable nutritional supplements company.
  • Christie exposed. How NJ Gov. Chris Christie has used his office to enrich friends while ignoring the state’s most pressing needs

    A series of investigations that shows how NJ Gov. Chris Christie and likely presidential candidate has used his office to promote himself at taxpayers expense, funnel lucrative contracts and work to insiders while ignoring the state's economy.
  • Meet The Candidates

    When the Commission on Presidential Debates did not choose an Hispanic or African-American moderator for the presidential debates, Univision ramped up its yearlong effort to provide Hispanic voters a direct opportunity to know the presidential candidates and help them make informed choices on election day. As the Spanish-language network of record, catering to a growing and influential part of the electorate, we invited the candidates to speak with us directly about issues of import to all voters as well as issues of specific concern to Hispanics. The result was an in-depth conversation that became one of the most talked about events of the campaign season.
  • Angry White Man

    "An expose of nearly two decades worth of conspiratorial, racist, anti-Semitic and homophobic newsletters published by Republican Congressman and erstwhile presidential candidate Ron Paul."
  • Secret Money Project

    The Center for Investigative Reporting and National Public Radio launched the "Secret Money Project" as a joint initiative to track the hidden money in the election season. In 2004, the Swift Boat Veterans for Truth advertisements hurt Democratic presidential candidate John Kerry's campaign. In the 2008 presidential campaign, independent groups also did everything possible -- sometimes well under the radar -- to influence the election. Independent groups raised and spent tens of millions of dollars, unleashing attack ads, robocalls and direct mail across the country. Although NPR is best known as a radio network, the primary venue for the Secret MOney Project was The project Web site featured a blog of breaking news and analysis. It serves as a searchable database of independent groups and attack ads, which provided a real-time public resource during the election and will continue to be a research tool that can shed light on future political races.
  • Overseas Donors

    The Associated Press investigated whether any donors to presidential candidates Barack Obama and John McCain with foreign addresses were illegal foreign donors; whether the two campaigns were guarding against illegal foreign money by asking overseas donors for copies of their current U.S. passports as the Federal Election Commission instructs; and to what extent the two campaigns were failing to disclose basic information about donors such as their employers and occupations. The AP reviewed hundreds of thousands of donations from around the globe and found evidence that both campaigns took money first and asked questions later. The reporters found a smattering of illegal foreign donations to Obama as well as missing details in federal paperwork the law requires from Obama and McCain. During interviews with 123 donors in 11 countries, The AP found that Obama accepted illegal contributions from at least three foreigners. In one case, a Canadian noted with is donation that he was not an American; the Obama campaign accepted his money anyway, and the Canadian's note about his foreign citizenship actually appeared in Obama's campaign finance report. A donor in Australia admitted to the AP that he entered a phony passport number when making an Internet contribution to Obama. Just five donors, three for Obama and two for McCain, told the AP that the campaigns asked to see copies of their current U.S. passports.
  • The All About Me Mayor

    Los Angeles Mayor Antonio Villaraigosa is known for holding endless press conferences, flying around the world and campaigning for presidential candidates. The author, using a California Public Records Request, received the mayor's work schedule from may through July and found that Villaraigosa had spend only 11 percent of his time on "real, roll up your sleeves work."
  • Her Way: the Hopes and Ambitions of Hillary Rodham Clinton

    "An investigative biography of Senator Hillary Rodham Clinton. The book covers her life from her childhood through ther six years in the Senate."