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  • Rhode Island Priest Sex Abuse Letters

    In 2012 and early 2013, three Catholic priests were removed from duty at parishes in Rhode Island after credible allegations of sexual abuse against them surfaced. Several adult victims came forward to report assaults that happened decades earlier. In each case, the Diocese of Providence sent a letter describing the abuse and the circumstances to Rhode Island State Police. But because of Rhode Island's brief Statute of Limitations, as short as three years in some cases, there was no way to prosecute the priests criminally. Victims were also unable to bring civil lawsuits in most cases. NBC 10 wanted to know how many other Rhode Island priests had been credibly accused of sexual abuse but never charged with child molestation or rape. While the Diocese of Providence is not subject to public records laws, Rhode Island State Police maintained copies of the letters and must comply with the state's open records regulations. Over a six month period, public records requests revealed 45 letters sent to State Police by the Diocese during the past decade. The letters gave new insight into what victims experienced and how they were treated once they came forward. They also raised questions about why some cases were apparently reported to State Police, while others were not.
  • All Is Not Forgiven

    The investigation found that reforms promised by the Vatican after the priest sex abuse scandal were ignored. Only when confronted with the findings of the investigation did the Archdiocese of Los Angeles admit that its background check of priests did not go beyond reviewing a letter from a former superior.
  • Spiritually Bankrupt

    The investigation revealed the coordinated lengths to which the Roman Catholic Church was protecting its vast wealth from sex abuse victims.
  • An Irish Tragedy

    "This is the story of how Irish immigrant clergy, who had helped to build the American Catholic church in years past, undermined that church by their widespread sexual abuse of children. It is a sad tale that had gone untold, until now."
  • Study Reveals Vast Scope of Priest Abuse

    A study by the LA Times shows the number of Catholic priests from Los Angeles Archdiocese that have been accused of sexual abuse since 1950.
  • Priest Scandal Touches Northern Nevada

    The authors investigated claims of sexual abuse by priests in northern Nevada, a region that had seemingly avoided the scandal. The story called into question the way the diocese and bishop handled abusive priests, and suggested they covered up the abuse and hoped to silence the accusers.
  • Zipped Up!

    This story is part of Russell's ongoing investigation into how the Roman Catholic hierarchy covers up sex-abuse by priests. Specifically, this story focuses on how former San Francisco Archbishop William J. Levada co-opted district attorneys in three California counties to help keep decades of alleged sexual misconduct by priests secret.
  • Canada vs. Vatican

    Le Point magazine compares the Catholic Church's official doctrine re: homosexuality and gay marriage to the realities of sexual abuse by Canadian priests, finding a blatant conflict between the Vatican's condemnation of gay marriage and its long-standing toleration of priests' child abuse. The article is in French, but the Resource Center has provided a basic translation in English.
  • Immaculate Deception

    Raymond Burke, named Archbishop of St. Louis in December, 2004, managed to hide the history of sexual misconduct by three priests in his former diocese, La Crosse, Wisconsin. In one case he paid off a victim but refused to refer her case to the diocese's Child Sexual Abuse Review Board. In another case, a victim was offered a meeting with Bishop Burke regarding her alleged abuse only if she would agree to keep the matter private.This story names three priests who were abusers and who had never been publicly identified before.
  • Ex Cathedra: The Orange Dioscese Sex-Abuse Scandal

    The Orange County Weekly investigates sexual abuse by catholic priests in the southern California region. This series that ran over a period of more than a year showed that the diocesan officials covered pedophilia by the priest and paid off some of the victims. After this spate of investigations, one Orange County dioscese fearing a public trial agreed to release personnel files on some of the priests accused of sexual misconduct as part of a $ 100 million settlement to the victims.