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  • Catholic Bishops and Sex Abuse

    The Dallas Morning News exposes bishops who have knowingly kept on duty priests with history of sexual abuse accusations, even after Catholic church top leaders had agreed on a policy to suspend errant priests. The series details a number of sexual abuse cases and cover-ups nationwide.
  • Abusive Priests

    The Hartford Courant published three investigative pieces about sexual abuse in the Roman Catholic Church. The stories focused on New York Cardinal Edward Egan, who had served as a bishop in Connecticut; the psychiatric hospital, The Institute of Living in Hartford, which had treated Father John Geoghan; and a pedophile priest hiding for nearly a decade on a Carribean island with the support and knowledge of two priests from Connecticut and an order of priests in Washington D.C.
  • Forgive me Father Those Still In Place

    ABC News attempts to answer the question "were there priests with records of sexually assaulting or exploiting minors, who were still working in the church? The answer was yes. ABC News developed an original database and a team of ABC researchers worked with public records, court filings and sources both inside and outside the church. (ABC News) found 30 priests in 17 states who were still working in parishes, despite past criminal convictions and/or civil settlements."
  • Ex-Ryan principal accused of molesting students; Ex-priest Ron Dickman denies allegations

    A three-year Tennessean investigation identifies "the mysterious 'third priest' involved in the sexual abuse of Catholic children in Nashville. The accused priest, Ron Dickman, had abused students while principal at Father Ryan High School, the most prestigious parochial school in the metro area.
  • Legacy of Shame

    A seven-part series exposing Cardinal Roger M. Mahony's culpability in covering up for sex-abusing priests on a level that may surpass Boston's former cardinal, Bernard Law. It examines Mahony's 17-year record as archbishop of LA.
  • Unholy Communion

    For more than 30 years as a Catholic priest, Father Paul Shanley moved among Massachusetts parishes, a Boston youth ministry, and a gay motel in Palm Springs, California. Everywhere he went, he allegedly created a special kind of hell for the boys, some as young as six, who have since accused him of rape and abuse. Now, as the 71-year-old Shanley faces trial, Maureen Orth discovers the devastation left in his wake, finds evidence that his fellow clergy suspected him, and exposes the grotesque indifference of the Boston Archdiocese to anything but the threat of scandal.
  • The Priest Scandal

    The Catholic priest sex abuse scandal was big news in 2002. The problem is the story was done before in the mid-80s. Why did it take so long for the New England area to catch on? Why was the story national news this time instead of in the 80s? Cannon writes about his experience reporting on this important scandal more than a decade ago and how it stayed under the national radar for so long.
  • Witchcraft in Oregon's Youth Prisons

    A KEZI-TV's investigation reveals that Wicca, a satanism-related occult has been taught in Oregon youth prisons. The prison officials allowed rabbis, pastors and priests to spend time with the troubled teenagers. Juvenile detainees have been instructed not to share their participation in the occult with their families. Wiccans claim they teach the kids to use magic responsibly; child psychologists and prosecutors believe witchcraft is inappropriate to introduce to incarcerated children who have had bad judgment and have been anti-social.
  • Billion Dollar Business

    CBS News reports on the illegal trafficking of women from Eastern Europe to Italian brothels. Christiane Amanpour from CNN, on a special assignment for 60 Minutes, tells the stories of young girls who have been recruited from bankrupt ex-socialist countries. They have been lured with promises for decent job or marriage abroad, and then sold and resold in the prostitution "cattle market." The police in the girls' home countries - Moldova, Romania, Ukraine - is aware of the illegal recruiting but is too corrupt to take any measures. Few of the victims manage to escape due to the help of Italian priests. Some find help in a shelter funded by the U.S. and Swiss governments and run by Ken Patterson from Missouri. Still, most victims remain ensnared "in an underworld controlled by ruthless gangs."
  • Unholy Alliance

    A New Times investigation reveals "how the nation's largest Roman Catholic archdiocese, at the instigation of Cardinal Roger Mahony, entered into a secret deal with one of the nation's largest funeral service company, Stewart Enterprises, Inc." The funeral chain and the Catholic church agreed to build for-profit mortuaries on the ground of church cemeteries. As a result, unsuspecting Catholics have been steered by parish priests -- pressured by the archdiocese -- to use the Stewart mortuaries at prices double than those of identical services provided by independent mortuaries. "It is an arrangement that appears tied to the cardinal's ambitious push to build a spanking new $193 million cathedral in Los Angeles," the Times reports.