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    The New Times (Phoenix, Ariz.) tells the story of three Arizona priests who molested young boys and the subsequent cover-up attempt by the Roman Catholic Church, Oct. 25, 1989.
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    Knight-Ridder series reveals that hundreds of Catholic priests in more than 25 dioceses in the United States have molested thousands of children, mostly boys, in the past 10 years; finds the church either ignored the problem or covered it up, Jan. 3-4 and 10, 1988.
  • Child Abuse series

    San Jose Mercury News reporter uncovers alleged cases of child sexual abuse at church day-care centers at U.S. Army bases; Catholic priests involved in some cases have been protected by their diocese, 1987.
  • Homosexuality in the Priesthood

    National Catholic Reporter reports on gay priests, which some estimate make up 40 percent of the priesthood, while church is facing priest shortage.
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    Wall Street Journal unravels a complicated struggle by several parties, including Catholic priests and Trappists, for control of a Texas oil widow's legacy intended to help the poor of Latin America, Oct. 8-9, 1986.
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    State Journal-Register (Springfield, Ill.) tells the story of a pedophile priest, finding the problem so widespread that the Roman Catholic Church has established a quasi-secret treatment center which has already seen more than 200 priests, Jan. 1-5, 1986.
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    Spokesman-Review/Spokane (Wash.) Chronicle finds the Catholic Church is reluctant to discipline pedophile priests, covering up problems even at the expense of future victims, Feb. 9-July 18, 1986.
  • Catholic Priests

    KXLY-TV (Spokane) series examines Fatima Crusade, a conservative offshoot of the Roman Catholic Church known for rigid discipline; exposes child abuse and sexual abuse, April 1984.
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    San Diego Union recounts favoritism, homosexuality among priests, misappropriation of money, drug use and gambling within the San Diego Diocese; also details how a priest used funds from a boys' orphanage to lead a wealthy life as a Palm Springs condo owner.
  • Diocese shields child-molester priests

    Plain Dealer (Cleveland) finds officials of the Catholic Diocese of Cleveland attempted to cover up incidents of child molesting and sexual assault involving two priests, and were slow to act on parental complaints about a third priest.