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    The Columbus Dispatch investigated issues raised in the national debate over taxpayer subsidies for prison inmates in college programs; the computer-assisted investigation found that one in four college-educated inmates return to prison. Following the first package, a state legislative panel made a series of recommendations for change in the prison education system, Aug. 28 and Dec. 28, 1994.
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    The Mercury (Pottstown, Pa.) finds that $200 million in Pell Grants intended for low income students were given to prisoners instead; the grant program was not intended for prisoners and the money was given above the amount already allocated for prison education programs, October 24 - 27.
  • The Best Degree Crime Can Buy

    WJXT-TV (Jacksonville, Fla.) looks at the costs and benefits of educating inmates in the state correctional institutions; a handful of vocational schools go into several Florida prisons to teach courses in data entry, auto body repair and brick laying; finds that state and federal tax dollars go to pay for college level correspondent course work, May 11 - 12, 1992.