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  • Preying on Prisoners

    In “Preying on Prisoners,” The Marshall Project exposed how Texas, the state with the most instances of prison sex abuse, fails to penalize prison staffers who sexually abuse inmates. In a six-month investigation, Alysia Santo found that since 2000, the state prison system referred only 400 cases of suspected sexual assault by prison employees for prosecution, of which prosecutors refused to pursue almost half. Ultimately, 126 prison workers were convicted, but just nine were sentenced to jail time, and the rest were subject to fines and a few years probation, with the promise of a clean criminal record if the court’s conditions were met.
  • Prison Workers Compensation Investigation

    The reporters find that hundreds of guards at a Illinois maximum security prison were receiving large taxpayer-funded injury awards for carpal tunnel syndrome they claimed came from unlocking cell doors. The state had spent $30.6 million on these settlements over three years. As a result of the investigation, the Illinois Department of Insurance launched a civil and criminal investigation.
  • Gulag Nation

    This story chronicles the systematic human rights abuses at North Korean prisons, also called gulags. The author spoke with survivors and ex-prison workers who illustrate a horrific story of abuse and torture. Kim Jong Il and his regime deny that the camps exist, and up until very recently most other countries have ignored them.
  • California's prison workers complaining of low pay, bad treatment

    Labor Pulse finds California's prison workers complaining of low pay, bad treatment.