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  • The High Cost of Hard Time

    The Virginian-Pilot investigates the Viriginia prison boom. "The series traced a costly prison-building boom that Virigina undertook in the mid-1990s, diverting hundreds of millions of taxpayer dollars from other pressing needs such as education and transportation. Moreover, it was sold on a false premise: that the state was in a grip of a violent crime wave. in fact, crime in Virginia, already low by national standards, was declining. As a result, the state overbuilt, ending up with some 4,000 surplus prison cells. To fill them, it is now importing out-of-state prisoners in a unique cell-for-hire program. The series also found that contrary to proponents' emphasis on violent crime, most of the new inmates coming into the system are nonviolent offenders -- especially drug offenders."
  • The Promise and Peril of Private Prisons

    This three-part series shows how a group of exported felons created jobs and contributed to the economic growth of small towns in the south where other industries failed. Most of them are murderers, sexual offenders from Wisconsin's over crowded prisons who were relocated to prisons in small towns in Tennessee and Texas. The move, however, also brought perils to these towns. A local guard was beaten up by inmates. He is now permanently disabled.
  • IRE Feed 6: IRE TV Award Winners and Finalists

    IRE Feed 6: The TV Award Winners and Finalists is a compilation of 14 reports from 14 stations in 11 markets ranging in size from Lexington, KY to Chicago, IL. 1)"Danger in Schools," KTRK-TV, Houston. A story that investigated Houston Schools putting known pedophiles back into the classroom. 2) "Where the Money Goes," WKYT-TV, Lexington, KY. Reveals that Lexington Schools spent tens of thousands of taxpayer's dollars on catered meals. 3) "Prescription for Trouble," KDFW-TV, Dallas. Investigates how Eckerds Pharmacy used teenagers to dispense prescriptions. 4) "Code of Silence," WTLV-TV, Jacksonville, FL. The medical system fights to protect a drunk doctor. 5) "Fighting for a Smile," WCCO-TV, Minneapolis. The VA's bureaucracy keeps dentures from veterans. 6) "Blood Priority," KSTP-TV, Minneapolis. Army choppers crash after cost cutting compromises safety. 7) "Missing Evidence," WMAQ-TV, Chicago. Chicago Police sell evidence right out of the vault. 8) "Failure to Protect," WBAL-TV, Baltimore. Maryland Police fail to enter protection orders to safeguard domestic violence victims. 9) "Prisoners in Their Own Homes," WFLA-TV, Tampa. Criminals strike again -- while on home detention. 10) "The $600 House," WOOD-TV, Grand Rapids, MI. HUD sells houses at pennies on the dollar to insiders. 11) "Preying on Your Pity," KPRC-TV, Houston. Telemarketers pretend to be handicapped to solicit cash. 12)"Crusade for Cash," KGTV-TV, San Diego. Lawyers use the ADA to file nuisance suits for big bucks. 13)"First USA," WFAA-TV, Dallas. Credit Card company jacks up interest rates, slaps phony late fees. 14)"Legal Loanshark," WAMI-TV, Miami. Lax laws permit car title loan companies to charge exorbitant rates.
  • Japanese Prisons: Brutality By Design

    This investigation gives a look inside the Japanese penal system. This report examines the fact that the system often "sacrifices the civil liberties, and the actual well being of its prisoners" in an effort to maintain a safe environment.
  • No Room for Justice

    WXYZ-TV reports that "In Wayne County, Michigan, prisoners walk free from the local jails nearly every day. They are not escape artists; they are simply benefiting from overcrowding. (WXYZ) wanted to see just how many prisoners had been released in 1999, and which types of criminals were walking free. Through the state Freedom of Information Act our investigative unit obtained data on thousands of prisoners who had been let go. (results showed): ..releasing violent criminals...serving only a fraction of their sentences ... types of crimes...."
  • Prisoners in Their Own Homes

    WFLA-TV reports "the failure of Florida's justice system to safely screen, monitor and control criminals under house arrest. We profiled specific criminals as examples of the problem and caught them violating their house arrest restrictions... we identified and mapped the locations of hundreds of house-arrest criminals and documented the number of felons who commit new crimes while under house arrest. .... We revealed the inability of overworked case managers to adequately supervise 25 or more criminals and demonstrated how some felons ran rampant under the noses of their probation officers. We also uncovered a Department of Corrections policy that deliberately keeps neighbors uninformed about potentially dangerous criminals in their vicinity....."
  • Cruel and Unusual: Shoddy Medical Care at Carswell's Prison Hospital Turns Women's Punishment into Torture

    The FW Weekly report about "medical treatment of female inmates at the Federal Medical Center Carswell, located just outside Fort Worth. ... (the) investigation found a pattern of medical treatment there that is extremely poor, capricious and life threatening. Procedures or referrals to outside specialists are routinely denied until the women's conditions have worsened dramatically. Wrong diagnoses by Physician Assistants are routine. Deaths have occurred following denials of medical care."
  • Jail House Blues

    The Lufkin, Texas, Daily News reports that "It's no secret that the Angelina County Jail is outdated and too small to hold enough prisoners for a county of its size, but an inside look at the jail may reveal some safety concerns, as well. Since 1993, county officials have been under a federal court order to control the population of the jail - keeping the number of prisoners being detained at 111 or fewer. Since that time, the county has had to turn out 451 prisoners before their scheduled release dates"
  • Prisoner's Dilemma

    The shocking murder in Jasper, Texas, of James Byrd, an African-American man, by three white men may have its roots in the violence and injustice of the Texas prison system. The two instigators of the dragging death had both spent time in prison, where they'd joined a white supremicist gang to protect themselves from beatings and rape by other prisoners.
  • Escapee Left Free Until 2 Die

    Connecticut Dept. of Corrections yields hundreds of "escapes" from the halfway houses where many prisoners are transferred to near the end of their prison sentences. Escaping is little more than walking away; There are more escapees from halfway houses or on home release than legitmate participants in the program. Story uncovered after Adrian Peeler, 9 months on the lam, murders two.