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  • Deadly Delay

    WTHR investigates how many smoke alarms in American homes "may not activate during the most deadly type of house fire" despite assurances of fire testing agencies.
  • Best Defense? The secret Battle Over Body Armor

    NBC investigated mixed claims on the body armor called Dragon Skin. The Army officially banned the armor but high level soldiers were still wearing it, not Interceptor body armor. Conducting a side by side test between the two, NBC revealed that Dragon Skin was significantly better.
  • Ford Fires Investigation

    The WESH I-team followed a series of fires in Ford trucks and SUV's in 2005. They found numerous vehicle fires in Florida and across the United States and obtained National Highway Transportation Safety Administration documents of vehicle fires and product testing of late model Fords. Over the course of the year, they followed class action suits against Ford, as well as a massive recall of the trucks. The I-team was the first outlet to discover the specific cause of the fires. Their findings moved Ford to expand its recall.
  • Schools for Sale

    Advertising Age magazine examines the increasing commercialization in schools and in-school marketing. Highlighted are the impact of Channel One, in-school product testing, Internet advertising and exclusive beverage contracts.
  • The Illusion of Safety

    Foundation for National Progress and Center for Investigative Reporting look into product testing labs and finds that safety tests are at best a comforting illusion; part two of the study finds that the Underwriters Laboratory label that appears on household and industrial products is no guarantee of safety.
  • Independent Product Testers Lie to FDA, EPA

    Sacramento Bee articles uncover fraud in the government's regulatory apparatus involving independent testing firms for drugs, chemicals and pesticides; focuses on Industrial Bio-Test Laboratories, whose officials were convicted of fabricating product tests; asks how many tests on file with the FDA, EPA are invalid.