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  • Shaping a City The Lily Legacy

    Indianapolis News chronicles the success of Lilly Endowment Inc., a private foundation set up by Eli Lilly to fund bricks and mortar projects for the city.
  • Congress's Deconstruction Theory

    Washington Monthly looks at the Davis-Bacon Act, a law passed in 1931 to protect construction workers, but which has become obsolete and expensive, adding to the cost of construction of federal projects to the tune of $1 billion a year.
  • (Untitled)

    LaCrosse (Wis.) Tribune investigates the local school board's plans to build a $17.8 million new school building; finds that comparable projects in the area cost much less; looks at less extravagant alternatives, November 1989. *
  • (Untitled)

    The San Francisco Chronicle investigates that city's building inspectors; using public documents, the reporters found 11 inspectors were involved in the ownership of projects that received favorable treatment from the department; 13 reports, April 7-Nov. 15, 1989.
  • (Untitled)

    Kentucky Post (Covington) reveals the Newport Housing Authority spent $100,000 to send staff and board members to numerous cities across the country; shows the authority was in trouble with federal officials due to high vacancy rates and unfinished projects, April 24 - 26, 1988.
  • S.L. Housing For Low-Income Elderly...

    Deseret News (Salt Lake City) details how Salt Lake City suffered a $1.7 million deficit in the construction phase of a housing project for the elderly, which was started without a budget.
  • (Untitled)

    Daily Herald reports the state legislature and governor slipped $11 million in pork barrel projects such as boat docks, baseball diamonds and swimming pools into a public works program intended to improve the state's highways, Oct. 2 - 5, 1988.
  • (Untitled)

    San Jose Mercury News examines the lives of people in Silicon Valley who have security clearance and work on classified projects; finds the workers are regularly investigated, their family lives often suffer, and they are harassed if they complain about working conditions, April 10 - Dec. 25, 1988.
  • Housing officials gain; tenants wait

    Palm Beach (Fla.) Post examines the operations of seven public housing authorities; details charges of racial discrimination, shoddy management, bad bookkeeping, and crime-infested housing projects, Aug. 29 - Dec. 26, 1988.
  • (Untitled)

    Asbury Park Press details the projects financed by the industrial development bond program in New Jersey; finds new federal regulations will make it tougher for the New Jersey Economic Development Authority to use these bond issues to assist private enterprises and to stimulate economic growth, June 5, 1988.