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    Columbia Daily Tribune looks at the pros and cons of using tax-free industrial development bonds to finance private projects, Feb. 10, 1985.
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    Houston Post article shows how the Harris County engineer's office approved phony bonds, which were supposed to guarantee county construction projects, leading to reports of widespread corruption in the engineer's office, 1984-1985.
  • Investigate the use of federal tax dollars on the Kickapoo Indian Reservation near Horton, Kansas

    Hiawatha (Kan.) Daily World finds extensive misuse of federal money, grants and property on the Kickapoo Indian Reservation near Horton, Kan., including abuse of funds from housing programs, the Native American school operation and Housing and Urban Development projects, 1983.
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    Dallas Morning News runs series on how a handful of promoters developed a scheme to use drastically inflated appraisals and pyramid-type land transactions to obtain more than $500 million in loans to develop Dallas condominium projects, December 1983.
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    Newsday (Long Island, N.Y.) investigates U.S. synthetic fuels program; topics include connections of officials to corporations receiving billions of dollars in synfuels subsidies, politics of subsidies, methods used to select projects, December 1983.
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    Kansas City Times examination of Hyatt Regency disaster finds earlier construction accidents, skywalk design changes, wiring problems; also looks at city's inspections of construction projects, July 1981.
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    Common Cause Magazine article, "Whistleblower," says Rockwell International fired an employee who reported the company instructs employees to charge for their time spent on the B-1 bomber and other projects to the company's space shuttle contract; government and private industry interdependence questioned, March/April 1984.
  • The Economic Health of Downtown St. Louis

    St. Louis Post-Dispatch examines development in downtown St. Louis, analyzing the economic health of the area and focusing on the viability of certain projects.
  • HUD Plan to Allow Tenant Ownership of Projects

    Wall Street Journal reports on the controversy surrounding HUD's plan to allow tenant organizations to own and run projects; details criticism that ownership by tenants will further decrease the number of available rental units; describes how tenant ownership at Kenilworth-Parkside in Washington, D.C. has produced positive results; for instance, drug dealers have left that project.
  • Illegal Use of HUD Funds

    Wall Street Journal looks at how the city of Biloxi, Miss., illegally used HUD funds to buy a restaurant and engineer a marina, while the city's housing projects remained in a state of disrepair; details how Biloxi hired former HUD employees to lobby for HUD funds for the city.