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  • Corporate Breaks Push Property Taxes Higher

    Lansing (Mich.) State Journal looks at the shift in the state's property tax burden over the past decade; finds that Michigan homeowners suffer under the seventh highest property tax in the nation, while businesses and industries are getting tax breaks.
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    Detroit Free Press finds 61 landlords who owe the city of Detroit over $7.7 million in back property taxes are collecting over $302,000 a month from the state in rents for people on welfare; reports that tenants do not know that they are living on tax-delinquent property and face possible eviction, Nov. 18, 1991.
  • The City's $275M IOU

    New York Newsday reports that New York City owes hundreds of thousands of property owners as much as $275 million in overpayments on their real estate and water and sewer taxes; lists the properties that are owed refunds.
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    Chicago Sun-Times exposes how slumlords exploit loopholes in the law to avoid property taxes and building code requirements; this practice cost local taxing bodies hundreds of millions of dollars in lost tax revenues while increasing the cost of government by forcing public agencies to assume the cost of demolition and litigation, May - June 1990.
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    Austin American-Statesman finds Texas House Speaker owes $157,000 in unpaid taxes, including delinquent state sales taxes, federal payroll taxes, local property taxes; also finds unreported interests in an investment partnership, March 29, Sept. 6, 9, Oct. 15, 1990.
  • Field of Dreams

    St. Louis Post-Dispatch tells the story of the botched renaissance of East St. Louis; one of the poorest cities in the nation, it is burdened with huge debt, steep property taxes, dwindling city services and high crime; the city issued $473 million in tax-exempt municipal bonds for building three projects--a luxury apartment complex, recycling plant and port--but construction never began, and bond money was returned to investors.
  • The IRS: A Law Unto Itself

    New York Times Magazine publishes an adaptation of David Burnham's book, "The IRS: A Law Unto Itself;" documents the power over exemptions, property seizures and access to financial records that makes the IRS the nation's most powerful instrument of social control, Sept. 3, 1989.
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    Ann Arbor News exposes inadequacies in that city's collection of property taxes, March 31 - April 1, 1989.
  • Tagging Out

    KAKE investigates tax evaders who drive around Kansas' expensive property taxes by "tagging out," or registering their car in another state, costing Kansas to lose over $3 million dollars a year.
  • (Untitled)

    Commercial Appeal reports on computerized reappraisal of real estate that shifted millions of dollars in property taxes from commercial and industrial property owners onto homeowners; tax rolls rife with errors and inconsistencies, Nov. 1-3, 1987.