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  • Chris Christie, White House Ambitions and the Abuse of Power

    Chris Christie, White House Ambitions and the Abuse of Power is a series of reports on the exercise of power by New Jersey Gov. Chris Christie and his administration. The stories investigate his administration’s use of the busiest bridge in the world to take political revenge on a small-town mayor; the operation of the Port Authority of New York and New Jersey for the political and financial benefit of his administration and his friends and donors; and the use of federal Sandy aid to strong arm the mayor of Hoboken. These reports focused national attention on a leading Republican candidate in the 2016 presidential race. Plus, they established the narrative both for national and local coverage and for state and federal investigations of the administration. Most important, WNYC uncovered key information about the politicization of public entities by an elected official whose appeal to voters is based on the perception that he is above politics. Our submission for review by the IRE includes our most significant work on this story. Our reporting resulted in the forced resignation of Gov. Christie’s top man at the Port Authority, a bi-state agency that controls $8 billion in annual revenue raised largely from tolls and fares paid by commuters of this region. In addition, WNYC’s in-depth reports on the Port Authority prompted criminal investigations by the Manhattan District Attorney and the Securities and Exchange Commission into the misuse of Port Authority funds. It led the United States Attorney for New Jersey to widen its investigation into conflicts of interest by David Samson, the Port Authority Chair, and a close Christie ally. And the reporting has spurred the creation of a bi-state panel to reform the Port Authority, as well as reform measures in the New Jersey and New York Legislatures.
  • The Shocking Truth About Florida's Pools

    The Shocking Truth about Pools is a ground breaking investigation that is changing pool safety laws and already saving lives. It began with the tragic electrocution of a 7-year-old boy April 13, 2014. Calder Sloan took a deep breath, jumped into the family pool, and raced across to the deep end. As he touched the pool light he was jolted to the surface by more than 120 volts. He never stood a chance of surviving. A week later three more children were shocked in an apartment complex pool. This time though, they all lived. We wanted to know how those in the apartment pool survived when Calder didn’t in his family pool. What we discovered were two different standards for commercial and residential pools. Commercial pools were required by law to carry low voltage power. That’s the equivalent of a 9 volt battery. Meanwhile residential pools can carry 120 volts or more. What’s the difference between 9 volts and 120 volts? Life and death. It was something the pool industry knew very well… but had kept quiet in the name of profits.
  • Suspect City: Stop & Frisk in Miami Gardens

    Fusion’s investigative team spent six-months producing a fully digital, data-driven interactive story about a police department in Florida with a “stop and frisk” policy that may be unparalleled in the nation. One local public defender called it “stop and frisk on steroids.” Fusion analyzed more than 30,000 pages of police department data, showing how aggressive and far-reaching police actions were. Some residents were stopped, questioned and written up multiple times within minutes of each other, by different officers. Children were stopped by police in playgrounds. Senior citizens were stopped and questioned near their retirement home, including a 99-year-old man deemed to be "suspicious.” Officers even wrote a report identifying a five-year-old child as a "suspicious person.” Fusion also documented multiple instances of police officers falsifying reports, claiming to stop and question people who were actually already in county jail.
  • Hartman Justice Project

    Recent developments in Alaska Innocence Project’s battle for exoneration of the so-called Fairbanks Four, a largely Athabaskan group of men serving sentences ranging from 33-75 years for John Hartman’s 1997 murder. O'Donoghue has been dogging, with the help of undergraduate students, what now appears to wrongful convictions in this case for more years than I care to count, exposing many flaws in a police investigation drawing direction from drunken confessions, trials sporting lying witnesses and racist prosecutorial branding, jury misconduct that (briefly) overturned one verdict in 2004.
  • Billion Dollar Judge

    In 2016, the Social Security Disability trust fund is scheduled to become the first Federal program to run out of money. As Congress and the President race to find a way to save the fund, CBS 21 discovered an outlying disability judge who has approved billions in disability benefits over the past decade. This judge has approve six times more than the average disability judge and more than twice as much as America’s second highest active judge. Three weeks after CBS 21 reported on his record, Judge Charles Bridges was subpoenaed to testify before the United State Congress where this entry was discussed under oath and is now in Congressional record.
  • Allegations of misconduct raised over meeting of judicial opponents

    After allegations of an improper offer for one to drop out of the race, the WDSU I-Team captured undercover audio and video of a meeting between a judicial candidate and the longest serving and most high profile judge in Louisiana.
  • Double Agent: Inside al Qaeda for the CIA

    The world’s most dangerous terrorists, espionage, betrayal, and assassination are all part of the intrigue of "Double Agent: Inside al Qaeda for the CIA," a remarkable documentary about Morten Storm, a radical-Islamist-turned-double-agent who says he was in a race against time to thwart attacks by al Qaeda. It is a spy thriller told through never-before-seen videos recorded by Storm on the job as a spy. His photos and al Qaeda encrypted emails, and never-before-heard audio from his years undercover reveal a rare glimpse of CIA missteps and the destructive rivalries between competing global intelligence agencies.
  • Death of a Nursing Home

    An investigation of the high rate of bankruptcies of nursing homes serving minority and low-income communities shows that their financial problems can be traced back to the low reimbursement rates paid by Medicaid, and that the Medicaid law is based on amendments made to the Social Security Law of 1935 inserted by states’ rights advocates in Congress who wanted to preserve the system of economic exploitation and social segregation of the South.
  • A Troublesome Inheritance: Genes, Race and Human History

    The book describes the genetic basis of human race in the light of new information from the human genome project. It then asks whether genetics may help explain some long term features of human history. The book concludes that there is a biological basis to race (contrary to claims that race is just a social construct). It finds that races do not differ in their genes, or even in their alleles (the alternative forms of a gene) but only in the subtle quality of relative allele frequency. As to the second topic, the book explores the possibility that, although people as individuals are much the same the world over, races may differ slightly in their social behavior, and hence in social institutions based on that behavior, a difference that may explain salient features in history and in today’s world.
  • Liquidating the Forests

    “Liquidating the Forests” investigated the trail of illegal lumber stolen in Russia, shipped to China and sold in Canada. We looked at how Asia’s last remaining old growth forests, in the Russian Far East were being cut by Russian crime syndicates, then shipped to China where they were processed into hardwood flooring. This clear cutting in Siberia is also responsible for decimating the population of the world’s last remaining Siberian tigers who live in this unique habitat. Our investigation was able to trace the wood back to the world’s biggest flooring retailer, Lumber Liquidators which sold these floors at a deep discount across North America.