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  • Rail Crossings Danger

    A CBC News investigation into Canada's top 25 most accident-prone railway crossings found wide-spread design flaws across the country. Some of the most dangerous railway crossings in Canada lack automated gate arms, protective pedestrian gates, advance warning signs, bells and flashing lights. Other deficiencies include poor sightlines for drivers, confusing road signs and overgrown bush. As well, CBC News learned Transport Canada does not routinely warn the public about all railway crossings that appear in its database of the country's 500 "highest risk" crossings.
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    The series discloses that thers is no single agency responsible for railway crossings safety. Safety tests conducted at the crossing by state officials were not conducted with trains running at the same speed as the express train involved in the Oct. 25 tragedy. The regular school bus driver's route sheet did not warn of the potential hazard at the crossing so the substitute driver would know that special cautions was needed at the crossing. (Oct. 26 - Dec. 26, 1995)