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  • Getting Aggressive About Road Rage

    Many accidents are related to road rage and aggressive driving, so PC looks at the issue and possibily solutions.
  • RUN, Don't Walk

    The New Times reports on pedestrian safety -- the lack of it -- in Los Angeles. Los Angeles is second only to New York in pedestrian fatalities, and has far fewer pedestrians. Portland has six city employees that deal with pedestrian safety and planning, Los Angeles has none. Other problems include confusion over right-of-way at unmarked crosswalks, a shrinking number of traffic enforcement officers, clogged freeways that push extra traffic into arterial roads and road rage. Due to legal quirks, Los Angeles even had to raise the speed limit on one of the streets it wanted to slow down in order to be legally able to use radar detectors to catch speeders.
  • Road Rage

    Delaware Today reports on the battle between citizens and Delaware's Department of Transportation. "Legislators are frustrated with DelDOT's lack of response to constituent concerns, civic groups worry about the congestion caused by rampant development, landowners are stuck with property they can't sell -- and everyone claims that no one's minding the store," Delaware Today reports. State construction projects often go against the interests of individual residents and businesses, but may help to promote larger goals such as tourism.
  • Road Rage

    U.S. News and World Report reports on the growing incidence of road rage. While miles of road increased 1 percent from 1987 to 1997, miles driven rose by 35 percent. As roads get more crowded, as jobs move out of cities and into the suburbs, as SUVs continue to sell like hotcakes, aggressive driving continues to increase.
  • Taxi Rage!

    Boston Magazine reports on the lack of disciplinary action and record keeping undertaken by the arm of the police department that oversees taxi drivers. Numerous taxi drivers that have dangerous driving records are still being allowed to renew their licences year after year. In fact, there's no way to see how many violations a single person has.
  • Hell on Wheels: A road rage story you'll never forget

    McConnell recounts a hellish incident of road rage which occurred on Aug. 4, 2000 on Interstate 83 between Baltimore and East Petersburg, PA. Michael Eck, a forklift operator, was driving from his home in Baltimore to his job in East Petersburg when his Chevy Impala was struck from behind 12 times by a semi-truck driven by James Trimble. Trimble, who was later convicted of aggravated assault and numerous driving offenses that landed him in prison for two years, started ramming the Impala after Eck passed him on the right.